Daily Bucs Links 6/6/11 - RIP Tom McEwen, Mark Sanchez & Eli Manning over Josh Freeman?

NFL players show they don't know game by leaving Eli Manning & Mark Sanchez off top-100 list
Gary Myers of the NY Daily News seems to think only playoff victories are relevant in determining who the best quarterbacks are. It seems that football has now been turned into a one-man sport: it doesn't matter who's playing where, the QB is the only person who determines wins.

Tom McEwen sadly passed away yesterday. You can read yesterday's story on him for some more information, but here are some more links that I missed in that post:

McEwen archive: Welcome to the NFL, Tampa Bay | TBO.com
TBO.com published an old article by McEwen - the first ever article welcoming the NFL to the Tampa Bay area. 

Love, laughter and legend define McEwen | TBO.com
Martin Fennelly on Tom McEwen

Plaxico Burress's release from prison, Father's Day Books, NFL labor highlight Peter King's MMQB - Peter King - SI.com
Even Peter King chimes in on Tom McEwen

Tom McEwen, 1923-2011 - The Beach Bucket - SB Nation Tampa Bay
Charlie Blackwell has an excellent take on McEwen.

Spurrier laments loss of 'wonderful friend' McEwen | TBO.com
Steve Spurrier tells the tale of how Tom McEwen got him his first head coaching job. 

Hubert Mizell remembers Tampa Tribune's Tom McEwen - St. Petersburg Times
Mizell was once McEwen's competitor as the sports editor of the St. Petersburg Times. He remembers his relationship with McEwen in a column well-worth the read. 


Would you sign Plaxico? | National Football Post
Plaxico Burress will be released from prison today, so Matt Bowen takes a look at what he still has to offer. In my opinion he's old and a utility player only - not worth spending money on. 

Are the Steelers being 'targeted' by the NFL? | National Football Post
Are the rule changes T-Jack talked about yesterday targeted at the Steelers? And are they good for the game?

PR Predicts: TE John Gilmore | Pewter Report
Pewter Report predicts that John Gilmore won't be a Buccaneer next season. I can only agree with them. Gilmore is a solid blocker, but Purvis and Overbay were decent last season too and will come much cheaper. 

Surrendering Pressure | ProFootballFocus.com
Another PFF post, this time on pressure. The Bucs were horrible at stopping pass rushers, according to Pro Football Focus. Don't take these numbers as hard-and-fast evaluations of the O-line, though, as the presence of Peyton Manning at the top of the list shows that QBs have as much to do with pressure as the offensive line. The Bucs' O-line was fairly poor last season, but Freeman often hung on to the ball. 

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