Terrelle Pryor : Buccaneer's Scenario

Reasons why the bucanneers should be aggressive in the nfl supplemental draft to select ohio state terrelle pryor .


1.  Josh johnson is a free agent after this upcoming season , So with interest coming from the 49ers it would be wise to trade him in retain a 4th rd pick with another pick to get ready for what looks like another deep talented draft .

Johnson has already stated that he would like to have a chance to start elsewhere so taking a new england patriots approach in trading him before he walks is logic .

2.  Terrelle pryor would bring slap talent to our team .

He may not be nfl ready as an quarterback , But having the opportunity to come in to a young team with young star's just like him with a young franchise qb in the same mold as him ( body wise only  ) would be a great situation for him as well as the team , He is facing the critics just as the buccaneer's team is being told that they wont be good nor sucessful , Plus being in the quarterback room learning from an josh freeman who just has all the makings to be an pro bowl , super bowl , hall of fame quarterback & best player in buc's history .

One of the biggest reasons i want terrelle pryor is because i loved  the fact that raheem morris didnt go in get a classic drop back pocket quarterback to back up freeman , He let johnson get on the field in do what he know's how in thats make plays , While he is very capable of throwing from the pocket he is a threat with his feet , Which means teams dont get to just gameplan as if they are gonna face a 25-35 thrower if freeman ever got hurt , Now the defenses are in scramble mode as johnson is comfortable scrambling making plays on them .

So i said that to say this you add terrelle pryor to your team it adds pressure to defenses even if he doesnt play a bunch of snaps , He is big , tall , fast & strong with not an very accurate arm but an rocket arm ( similar to freeman scouting report coming out but production overcame it ) im sure he could be a reliable back up until he growed into an nfl qb mature stage .

But until that time came look how we could use this guy he has such elite athlethic ability , Creating packages for him would be easy he is a 6-6 240 pound 4.37 running freak that has played wideout before he could be our splash deep threat every once in ah while to keep defenses guessing , I know some hate the wildcat when you have a franchise quarterback but it does protect freeman games 10 - 16 when the playoffs are certain in you grinding out wins on the ground , I just think this guy could create major match up problems , Tell me what would you do if you on defense in you see freeman  , winslow , williams , benn , brizcoe & pryor  ?

Then when that time comes just like it did when it came for josh johnson you trade pryor for picks in everything keeps going , The team keeps getting better threw PROFIT .

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