Daily Bucs Links 6/11/11 - Tim Crowder wants to stay, Raheem Morris still talking to players?

Despite Bucs Drafting Two DEs, Crowder Wants To Stay In Tampa Bay | Pewter Report
Tim Crowder loves it here in Tampa Bay, and is full of praise for new co-defensive line coach Keith Millard. I don't know if the Bucs want to offer the free agent a new contract, though. 

JoeBucsFan.com | Is Raheem Inappropriately Talking To Players? - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
JoeBucsFan is starting another controversy: did Raheem Morris really talk to players illegally? While it's interesting to speculate, an offhand remark like that means nothing. Raheem could simply be talking about the past or about incidental contact at charities and the like, which is allowed.

Bucs keep cashing in on sweetheart stadium deal | TBO.com
Another day, another TBO writer talks about the sweetheart stadium deal the Bucs got 13 years ago. 

The 100 Best Venues In Sports - #81 Raymond James Stadium
According to this list, Raymond James Stadium is the 81st best stadium in the entire world. H/t to Bucstats

Breaking down running backs: Tampa Bay - NFC South Blog - ESPN
ESPN's Scouts Inc. looks at the Bucs' running backs. Their conclusion: Blount is inconsistent, and there's not much behind him. Can't disagree with that. 

Underrated players: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Quincy Black is listed as the Bucs' most underrated player. I can't agree with that, and I certainly don't agree with Williamson's insistence that he 'does everything well'. Black isn't all that useful in coverage, and brings very little as a pass-rusher. 

FP - Why Can't Players and Coaches Communicate and/or Practice?
Cris Collinsworth asks the question: why can't players and coaches actually talk to eachother? It doesn't make much business sense. 

2011 Season Preview: NFC South - Tampa Bay Buccaneers| The Home Town Fan
This site I've never heard of before wrote a preview on the Bucs. Enjoy. 


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