Survivor's Crystal Ball: Opening Day 53

Aye fans, 'tis I, Survivor here to shed some light on future events. Thanks to my handy dandy crystal ball I have seen the future, and the future is bright for our Buccaneers of Tampa Bay. Indeed we will sign free agents. Indeed we will retain who we love. Indeed we will win some doggone footbal games... and most importantly we will keep playing exciting football while continuing to improve. 

After the break you all shall witness a stolen excel spreadsheet screenshot from no other than Mark Dominik.  


A few points before I let you fire down my claims as harasy, for the future is bright, and I hold the key right here:

  • Joseph Addai is what this teams need at backup HB. He is young, and won't demand a huge contract. He can also catch passes and block. It's meant to be. Notice the biggest difference between teams like Washington (who spend of free agents) and contenders like Pittsburgh and New England is that the latter two spend less on guys that fit a role in their offense. Addai is our guy.
  • Allen Bradford will play fullback, no question. Don't you find it odd that Dominik draft a "Blount clone"? Well the truth is that Bradford can score from 1-yard out more effectively than Blount and he is a better blocker. Why not free up some roster space by making him the startign fullback as well? Sorry Lorig, say hello to the practice squad.
  • Matt Light's replacement has been drafted in New England, and Solder won't be on the bench for very long. While NE could resign Light to a short contract to groom up his replacement, the Buccaneers offer him a little more money to play out his career and teach this young OL how to play as a team. Lee and Dotson both take notes and spell him until they are called up.
  • Thomas Howard and Phillip Buchanon are both guys the Buccaneers can get for cheap, but will still fit a significant role within this team's style of play. Howard was the odd man out in a talented Oakland linebacking corpes, and Buchanon just hasn't been able to step up his play sense leaving Tampa years ago. These two guys are both cheap editions that could make significant plays. Howard will compete (and beat out) Geno Hayes at the WILL position, while Buchanon sits patiently waiting the NFL ruling on Talib's pistol whipping shananigans. Stay tuned here as I gaze relentlessly into the future for more on the future of the Buccaneers organization. 

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