1. delaware pat devlin undrafted

2. texas a&m jerrod johnson undrafted

comment: just two young qb's that can compete for the 3rd qb spot .


0. saints reggie bush free agent

1. raiders michael bush free agent

2. panthers deangelo williams free agent

3. giants ahmad bradshaw free agent

4. cardinals tim hightower free agent

5. virgina tech darren evans undrafted

6. miami graig cooper undrafted

7. wisconsin john clay undrafted

8 . utah matt asiata undrafted

9. west virgina noel devine undrafted

10 . kentucky derrick locke undrafted

11. auburn mario fannin undrafted

comment : bush is a guy we liked last year who can do it all we attempted a trade for him but never got a deal done i can easily see us getting him to pair with blount , if not we could go for a more explosive back in williams ,bradshaw or hightower , theres plenty of big backs & scatbacks that didnt get drafted so we will see what happens we have the most cap room in the nfl to do anything we want .

FB :

1. packers john kuhn free agent

2. ravens le'ron mcclain free agent

3. miami pat hill undrafted

comment : either of these guys would complete our offense with there skill sets im praying for kuhn to go from one bay to another bay .


0.  vikings sidney rice free agent

1. jets santonio holmes free agent

2. chargers vincent jackson free agent ( 1st rd pick , 2nd rd pick )

3. titans randy moss free agent

4. lsu terrance toliver undrafted

5. fort valley ricardo lockett undrafted

6. southern miss andre brown undrafted

7. west virgina jock sanders undrafted

8. buccaneers michael spurlock resign

comment: for the first two ( holmes & jackson ) they both make our offense as explosive as anybody in the nfl we could sign either but jackson we would have to give up picks im all for it at this point we are close to greatness we already gave away a 4th so give away a combination of a 1 2 3 in get a top 5 wideout , or sign a moss to stretch the field for free he's never really been a problem in the lockerroom as long as he's winning in getting touches .


1. raiders zach miller free agent

2. giants kevin boss free agent

3. south carolina westlye saunders undrafted

4. north carolina zack pianalto undrafted

comment : just more options nothing much miller & boss are good for a two tight end front .


1. cowboys doug free free agent

2. ravens marshal yanda free agent

3. broncos ryan harris free agent

4. ravens jared gaither free agent

5. chiefs barry richardson free agent

6. buccaneers james lee resign

comment: all these guys are young in good , all are under the age of 26 years old .


1. patriots logan mankins free agent

2. saints carl nicks free agent

3. falcons justin bialock free agent

4. buccaneers davin joseph resign

comment: mankins would be a splash signing , the others wouldnt be to bad either .


1. panthers ryan kalil free agent

comment: jeff faine hasnt been healthy kalil is the best center availble .


1. panthers charles johnson free agent

2. jets vernon gholston free agent

3. buccaneers michael bennett resign

4. nebraska pierre allen undrafted

comment: im one that wants to see bowers on day one against the lions but i think we should take our time in get him healthy so with that said sign a productive johnson or i think vernon gholston got drafted because of how he played at ohio state as an de he didnt fit what the jets was doing with him put him on our d-line with those monsters i think he could be productive he would get 1 on 1 in it would be little reward high risk because he isnt gonna demand alot of cash plus the opportunity to be around youth in get good coaching along with the motivation & support he will get  i can see it now de's ( bowers , bennett , clayborn , gholston , & moore or magee )


comment: we set ( gerald mccoy , brian price , roy miller , al woods & frank okam ) lets get it .


1. raiders kamerion wimbley free agent

2. 49ers manny lawson free agent

3. redskins rocky mcintosh free agent

4. buccaneers quincy black resign

5. boston college mark herslich undrafted

comment: the top three players at this position would be better in our system as 4-3 olb's any will do , but i do think geno hayes & quincy black could be way better with the d- line they have in front of them now just fly around in feel gaps .


comment: im sold on tyrone mckenzie & mason foster they both are good tacklers that will meet backs in the hole you know we like to go into the florida state blitz package on third down anyway where rah likes to get all his pass rushers on the field so either one being the two down middle backer & special teams will be great .


1. buccaneers aquib talib ( special look below for comment )

2. raiders nnamdi asomugha free agent

3. jets antonio cromartie free agent

4. north carolina kendric burney undrafted

5. north carolina deunta williams undrafted

comment: i think we should keep aquib talib but if we do we should put something in his contract saying if he gets in to anything i mean anything off the field we snatch money back he is a great talent to trade let alone release for nothing , i think we sign asomugha or cromartie regardless of what happens with talib due to the talent of wr corps in the nfc plus it makes us dominant across the whole defense .


1. buccaneers tanard jackson ( special look below for comment )

2. chargers eric weddle free agent

3. buccaneers corey lynch resign

4. clemson deandre mcdaniels undrafted

comment: for tanard jackson the same thing apply's as aquib talib special contracts threating to take money for off the field issues , other then that unless we can lure weddle away from the charger take care home with jackson & lynch , & please sign my boy mcdaniels he has so much talent he can ballhawk he can support the run game he plays with swagger in he's fearless give my boy a chance to make the team he led ncaa in interceptions i dont know what off the field issue he had but he is every bit of another t-jack in we need playmaker's back there picture this for our secondary at corner ( talib , barber , biggers , lewis , gaitor , black ) safetys ( jackson , mcdaniels , grimm , lynch , jones ) that would be great mann come on but it starts with mcdaniels so go get em rah ...........................


comment: connor barth one of the best young kickers in the league .

P :

1. jaguars adam podlesh free agent

comment: this guy average was among league best as 43.8 yards per punt we need him for the three punts a game we gonna have next year .


comment guys let me know what you think im not saying we are gonna get all these guys but im looking a possiblities in its entertaining till we get more nfl news so lets go buc's ..............................................................

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