My perspective of the draft

Could the picks in the draft fallen a bit differently? Here is my view...

Round 1 - I think Clayborn was the target at this spot the whole time. This pick fits a need as well as getting a great player. Amukamara could've gone here with us, but it may be a sign that Talib is going to be sticking around (I hope!).

Grade: A-

Round 2 - I do not think that we could've done any better with this pick for the value. Bowers is the low-risk, high-reward player for the spot. This can be the steal of the draft and could make our year.

Grade: A+

Round 3 - The only player that I thought we might trade up in this round to get was OG John Moffitt, but alas this did not happen. Foster is a solid pickup. I am relatively satisfied with this pick. Hey, they also called Brian Urlacher undersized coming out of the draft. Just a thought!

Grade: B

Round 4 - While I don't have a problem with the prospect, I have a problem with the potential pick that we could've had. We could've nabbed TE D.J. Williams out of Arkansas and the Packers stole him early in the 3rd Round. I thought Williams would be a solid complement to K2. The guy is a pass catcher. Plain and simple! Stocker is a solid blocker and could develop into a solid TE though. I also don't like the fact that gave up another 4th Rounder for this guy, too.

Grade: C+

Round 5 - I have been saying all along that our Safety selection should've been Jermale Hines. He is a run-stopping SS that is always on the ball. We could've had him, too. He went 7 picks after Ahmad Black. The one thing that I can say about Black is that he is instinctive and can be a solid tackler when in position. Also, Quan Sturdivant was available at this pick and we didn't pull the trigger on him.

Grade: C-

Round 6 - I keep hearing one good thing and then one bad thing about this guy. "He s a big back." So is LaGarrette Blount. "He will never be explosive or versatile." I suppose that remains to be seen, but he did average over 7 YPC while at USC. That may be a product of the talent around. I also saw that Greg Romeus was still available with this pick. We could've really shored up our D-line with young players.

Grade: D

Round 7 - Anthony Gaitor was a great pick here. The guy is ultra aggressive and could develop into a strong nickelback for this year. Daniel Hardy is where I have a problem wit hthe 7th Round selections. He has injury issues and is situational at best. This guy will be a third TE if he isn't cut, but it is a late 7th Rounder so no harm, no foul. TE Wesleye Saunders was avaialble with this pick and so was Justin Boren at OG.

Grade: B-

OVERALL GRADE: A-/B+  -  This draft was actually pretty good without actually knowing how free agency will turn out. Dominik made some early picks, but could use some work later in the draft.

Who was left on the board that could've been taken?

OG Justin Boren

RB Noel Devine

TE Wesleye Saunders

CB Kendric Burney

S DeAndre McDaniel

LB Mark Herzlich

C Kris O'Dowd

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