The Hate Game: The Final Countdown Part 1

This is something we did back at Stampedeblue and multiple other blogs have done it. I can't take credit for the idea, credit goes to Redwolf333. This is just to see which teams really the majority of Bucs fans hate/love. Not including the Bucs of course.


Each team starts with 20 points. You personally get two points per day. You can deceide whether you want to kill or heal someone. Healing means they gain a point, kill means they lose a point.

 You can use a double kill to make the team lose two points, or double heal to make them gain two points. If you hate a team, you want to kill them. You like them, you want to heal them. Simple right?

 If a team gets to 0 points, they're concidered a hated team and go in the graveyard. The graveyard is reserved for the most hated teams. If you kill a team, you get an extra point a day. If this is unpopular I will just take it down no big deal. Here are the current point totals that I'll update in response to your comments.

 NEW RULES!!!!!!!!!

Alright, this is the final 19. So we have new rules now. Everyone starting right now, has 4 points per day. No matter if you had 2 or 10 before, you have 4 now and that total cannot increase. It might decrease once teams start to get down there to make it fair. You may only KILL. NO HEALING TEAMS NOW. And no killing already dead teams (I'm talking to you G Yeti!) No point at all. The teams in the graveyard go in order that they will killed. And we will do this until we get really bored of it or there is only one team left. Enjoy and I will try and update this daily!

  1. San Francisco 49ers -11
  2. Green Bay Packers -10
  3. Arizona Cardinals -9
  4. Buffalo Bills -8
  5. Tennessee Titans -6
  6. Kansas City Chiefs -3
  7. Chicago Bears -1


    -2 UConn, -1 Tim Tebow

    Atlanta Falcons: Kill by Bruce McRae
    Carolina Panthers: Kill by Bruce McRae
    New York Jets: Kill by 4QB
    St. Louis Rams: Kill by 4QB
    Pittsburg Steelers: Kill by Bruce McRae
    New England Patriots: Kill by 4QB
    Dallas Cowboys: Kill by Kilgore
    New Orleans Saints: Kill by 4QB
    Denver Broncos: Kill By Bruce McRae
    Miami Dolphins: Kill by 4QB
    Washington Redskins: Kill by 4QB
    Oakland Raiders: Kill by Candlebox
    Detriot Lions: Kill by G Yeti
    Indianapolis Colts *sniff*: Kill by G Yeti, and if you killed the Colts... Go here.
    New York Giants: Kill By Candlebox
    Cincinatti Bengals: Kill by Candlebox
    Jacksonville Jaguars: Kill by Kilgore
    Houston Texans: Kill by IE Angel
    San Diego Chargers: Kill by IE Angel
    Cleveland Browns: Kill by 4QB
    Minnasota Vikings: Kill by IE Angel
    Baltimore Ravens: Kill by 4QB
    Seattle Seahawks: Kill by IE Angel
    Double Graveyard
      Philadelphia Eagles: Kill by  b1uph03n1x,

            1. I'll update this daily with comments. Just say heal/kill/double and say who you want to heal or hurt and I'll update the list. 4 points per 24 hours, or more if you sent a team to the graveyard.

            Last update, 9:00 PM Eastern Time May 7th

            This is the same totals of the last post but continued. Please rec it so it'll stay up

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