Hall Of Fame Selection

The Hall of Fame selection is in. This was a tremendous class (though no former Bucs were nominated, unless you include Tim Brown, who I don't count for multiple reasons)

Richard Dent

Marshall Faulk

Chris Hanburger *Senior

Les Richter *Senior

Ed Sabol *NFL Films Founder

Deion Sanders

Shannon Sharpe


For these 6 players, it's the ultimate individual accomplishment. I found these numbers at VarsityEdge.Com; There are 254,000 seniors who play Varsity ball. Multiply that by about 15 years (a generation of football players) and you end up with over 3 million kids who dream of making it to the Pros. Now out of those 254K seniors a year, only 4200 are offered a D1 (including AA) scholarship. For the sake of argument, I have only included D1 because it gives your the most realistic opportunity to play in the NFL. Now out of those 4200 only about 300 will make it to the NFL. So in 15 years of college football maybe 4500 kids make it to the Pros (out of 3 million originally). In 15 years the HOF Committee selects appx. 90 players. Only about 65 of those come from one generation (the rest being made of coaches and senior nominees).

Folks, I know this a rough estimation but that's about .0022% of high school players. It's truly the best of the best of the best OF the best. We can debate all we want about if they got it right, but all of these guys should be proud to have worked their way to this level.

To see who was left off the list, hit the jump.

The players not voted in were

Curtis Martin

Tim Brown

Jerome Bettis

Chris Doleman

Andre Reed

Chris Carter

Willie Roaf

Dermontii Dawson

Cortez Kennedy

Charles Haley

The only thing I would change is Richard Dent for Chris Carter. Carter was one of, if not the best all time possession receiver. He had a phenomenal career, but may never make it in (much better than Art Monk who shouldn't be in there). I loved Andre Reed and the threat of him, Kelly and Thomas. I think Chris Doleman changed the position, paving way for guys in the mold of Richard Seymour types. Against this class, this year though, Doleman didn't deserve to get in.

So what's your take on this class of Hall of Famers?

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