Potential Bucs Draft Picks Round 1 and 2

It's way too early for me to start doing mock drafts. Heck, the combine hasn't even hit yet. What I will attempt to do that is give an exhaustive list of any guys the Bucs will have their eyes on. I have sifted through players that don't fit any Bucs needs. I have also left off guys who the team will have no shot at getting (Bowers, Fairley). We will be breaking down these guys until the draft hits, we hope you can keep up.


First Round Targets

Defensive End

Robert Quinn - UNC

Adrian Clayborn - Iowa

Aldon Smith - Missouri

Ryan Kerrigan - Purdue

JJ Watt - Wisconsin

Muhammad Wilkerson - Temple


Brandon Harris - Miami

Jimmy Smith - Colorado

Offensive Guard

Rodney Hudson - Florida State

Mike Pouncey - Florida

Danny Watkins - Baylor

Offensive Tackle

Nate Solder - Colorado

Tyron Smith - USC

Second round targets after the jump


Round two gets far more interesting. The Bucs don't necessarily have to fill a gaping need in this round and can take more of a chance. This list will be slightly longer as more guys have the chance to fall/rise to round 2.

Running Back

Ryan Williams - Virginia Tech

Shane Vereen - Cal

Bilal Powell - Louisville

Jacquizz Rogers - Oregon State

Wide Receivers

Leanord Hankerson - Miami

Randall Cobb - Kentucky

Torrey Smith - Maryland

Offensive Guards

Benjamin Ijalana - Villanova

Marcus Cannon - Texas Christian

John Moffitt - Wisconsin

Clint Boiling - Georgia

Offensive Tackles

Anthony Castonzo - Boston College

Lee Ziemba - Auburn

Defensive Ends

Allen Bailey - Miami

Jabal Sheard - Pittsburgh

Pernell McPhee - Mississippi State

Christian Ballard - Iowa

Sam Acho - Texas

Inside Linebacker

Greg Jones - Michigan State

Quan Sturdivant - North Carolina

Martez Wilson - Illinois

Nate Irving - North Carolina State


Rashad Carmichael - Virginia Tech

Brandon Burton - Utah

Johnny Patrick - Louisville

Ras-I Dowling - Virginia

Curtis Brown - Texas


If you have questions about why I left some guys off of this list and added other, please feel free to ask. Interested to hear your take.

While we certainly can't promise we will do a write-up of each of these players, we will give it our best to cover the best options.

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