Tampa Bay Buccaneers Issues

I'm not writing this as a member of the BN staff, but rather as a fan. I think we're all past the point of being disappointed and leaning more towards either apathy or anger. I've been a season ticket holder for the last 6 years and seen some highs and lows over the years. My observations aren't concrete by any means, but I feel like are founded enough to share with everyone. I'm sure some of you have thought some of these same things.

The Bucs are a slow, lazy team. They start slow (duh) and take a long time to get going. My only thought is, at least for home games, we warm up about 30 minutes after the opposing teams. We come out later than they do and later than Bucs teams did in the past. In fact today, we didn't have the whole team out until 12:15ish. The Panthers were out around 11:30.

Some small stupid things. Walking off the field at the end of the half, the Panthers (and other opposing teams) run off the field. The Bucs walk off the field. Probably means nothing, but it's a difference worth pointing out.

Penalties and undisciplined play. We can't have personal fouls every single game. We can't have dumb drive killing penalties on offense. We have to figure out how to play smarter and to be honest, this has been an issue for 20+ games. Maybe we just don't have the right people in place. Every single game we hear Raheem say in the post game conference that we have to play smarter, yet we don't. That means either Morris is delivering the message poorly or the players aren't receiving his message. Either way, he has to change it up. This team lacks discipline and I don't see the hustle that others talk about on a day to day basis.

I'm not reporting this next point, just passing it along. For one, I know it's a very touchy topic, but two, it'll drive the comment count up (ha)

Hurting Morris is a perception that he doesn’t command respect/fear in the locker room. The players call him "Rah," and the recent thumb injury to Josh Freeman at a shooting range will do nothing to change the notion that Morris doesn’t sufficiently control the locker room.

Morris is definitely on the hot seat, and you can name a half dozen reasons as to why he is.

At the game today, the Bucs consistently were out of position on defense and running around at the last second to line up. That's terrible. Their tackling is not getting better and we have no gap discipline. It's very frustrating to have to watch this garbage.

On offense, our OL is just bad with Blount or the RB flavor of the day consistently having to make cuts 5 yards deep in the backfield. Faine continues to whiff on blocks (though I was impressed with Penn today).

Overall, it's just a bad team that has the same talent, if not more than last year. We've regressed horribly in discipline, and fundamentals and struggle to maintain the integrity of our schemes.

Make no mistake, this is my complaint thread, at least for today, but I'm not abandoning ship. Just pointing out what we all know, that we are not a good team and we have a ton to fix.

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