Daily Bucs Links 12/27/11 - Raheem will never fire himself

Morris Not Concerned About Job Security | Pewter Report
He's consistently said this: he's not going to worry about his job security because he can't control it.

Tampa Bay Bucs Coach Not Worried About Job Security | Bucs Scene
He probably should be, though.

Raheem Morris is talking like a man who knows the end may be near | ProFootballTalk
Sounds like it.

Raheem Morris doesn't believe he should be fired | National Football Post
Morris doesn't want to give up his job.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris: "I will never fire myself" - Tampa Bay Times
Because firing himself would be giving up.

'Hang in there'? Morris not hanging head | TBO.com
Still fighting for his job. His players certainly aren't helping him.

[Video] NFL Videos: Morris' grim job outlook
Rick Stroud thinks he's done too.

Morris indicates there is more to the Bucs' poor season than coaching | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Of course there's more to it.

Bucs Report -Tribune staff: Looking like worst Bucs defense ever - from TBO.com Sports

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NFL.com news: Bucs guard Joseph says players should be fighting for their jobs
They should be, but it doesn't look like it.

Add it Up, These Bucs Stink | TheLedger.com

Bucs' Morris sees promise in team's future | TBO.com
There's talent.

Morris sees bright future for Tampa Bay - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Probably that future will be bright without Raheem, though.

Bucs defense can't stop points off turnovers | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
If that was all.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | An Early Look at 2011 CB Charting
E.J. Biggers is having a bad year, after having a good year by the same stats last season.

Morris sees bright future for Tampa Bay | Fox Sports Florida
The talent is there, to an extent. Just need to add talent, and get better coaching.

Bucs notes: Some players trying too hard, Morris says | TBO.com
Trying to do too many things outside the box.

Spreading It Around | Buccaneers.com
Josh Freeman likes the hurry-up, spread attack.

[Video] Raheem Morris Press Conference, 12/26 | Buccaneers.com
Another press conference.

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