Observations from the Cowboys Home Game at Ray Jay 12/17/11

1) The only good reason to watch the Bucs on television? The sideline shots of incredibly hot cheerleaders. I think we've got the best krewe of ladies in the league.

2) Meanwhile, our Secondary can't tackle, they can't cover, our linebackers are out of position, our offense went NOWHERE in the first half, Freeman is too scared to throw it downfield, our receivers are not playing for the ball, our coaches don't stick with a running threat in Blount, and our O-line is making too many mistakes and missing single blocks!

Other than that the night went well. For a humiliating loss that is...

3) If there have been any bright spots it has been with our defensive line, especially with the play of Adrian Clayborn. He's still motoring every play, he's doing what he can to stop the runner, forces the fumbles, he's living up to his First Round draft status.

4) The Bucs had NO URGENCY late in both the Second Quarter and the Fourth, when the time was ticking down and the need to get downfield greater. That we're not making plays of more than 20 yards is a part of that problem...

4a) And why do we have short route pass drops in passing situations where we NEED to get more than 10 yards a play? Freeman's bad habits of throwing short to Lumpkin 80 percent of the time is tied into the fact he can (when he shouldn't).

4b) Clearing out Blount when we still needed him? I will never get that...

4c) Some of the crazy stuff on defense included dropping DT Miller into pass coverage. Really? Is he faster than our LBs or Safeties? Well, maybe the safeties...

4d) Our backfield of Corners and Safeties were giving Dallas receivers 5 yards of running room in the End Zone, for God's Sake. What the hell kind of pass coverage is that?

5) The biggest positive we can get out of these games is that:

5a) The team is making an even bigger case that Raheem just isn't cutting it as Head Coach, and that the whole coaching staff needs purging and stocking of better-evaluated talent.

5b) We're getting in better position to get the best Cornerback in the rookie draft, and maybe decent Right Tackle by the Second or Third Round with an OLB or RB in the mix.

5c) Instead of a rookie OLB though I'm starting to lean towards getting a decent-value Free Agent OLB if one can be got in the off-season. We need a guy with experience and reading audible skills and not rely on the new guy Mason Foster too much on that. Our defense has been caught off-guard too often this year.

6) In other NFL news: Tebow. TEBOW. TEEEEEBOW!

7) Next week: Christmas eve and Christmas morning. All I want for Christmas, Sanity Clause, is a decent paying job, a new car, and maybe one of the Bucs cheerleader's phone number (I hope she likes librarians).

Oh, and the Bucs play in Carolina. At this point, I don't see us winning again this season...

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