Wow, Take A Look At Our Pathetic Defense

Refenence : - / crossed checked at for accuracy (since people keep whining about 31st ranked def. which is INCORRECT.)
Week 14 has came and gone, and yet another day where I wished I had a colonoscopy instead of getting Tampa permanently inked on my body. Anyways, I had been a semi-supporter of Raheem up until about 15 minutes ago when Bucnut broke down some knowledge for me and I thoroughly digested it. He said simply "Rah must go". Now I knew Ollie - the -bum (yes thats a tony hawk video game reference) had to go, seeing as though 21 offensive TD's in 13 games (bye week people) was plenty enough data to hate someone. So as most decent debaters do, I went and tried to scrounge any evidence for me & Raheem's rebuttle...

Well.. Sorry to say, but apon INITIAL inspection, I was completely blown away at how PATHETIC we are on paper alone. I saw something that was so startling, it practically blow both socks off and shook my fandom confidence all the way to the core; which isn't saying much since I'm pretty much depleted. Anyway, Take a peek, and tell me you won't have nightmares would ya? Below posted is the actual tackle stats for the current defensive starters.
26 Sean Jones 29 S - 65
20 Ronde Barber 36 CB - 56
59 Mason Foster 22 LB - 45
58 Quincy Black 27 LB - 41
54 Geno Hayes 24 LB - 38
31 E.J. Biggers 24 CB 42
71 Michael Bennett 26 DL - 30
25 Aqib Talib 25 CB - 30
94 Adrian Clayborn 23 RE - 23
36 Tanard Jackson 26 S - 24
92 Brian Price 22 - 19
Okay, so apon a quick inspection you can notice that Paul Posluszny has more tackles than all three of our LB's. A free agent, whom we could of picked up, is now playing better than our complete starting LB corp. Wow huh? Also, our 15th-year HOF vet CB is 2nd on the list, which is quite impressive due to his age and size and the fact that his teamates weren't born in the same decade yet he has made more tackles. Just shows how yungry our young team REALLY is. And finally, the single stat that has made me lose all faith in our "beloved" GM (HA!)DOM (once thought of as a decent decision maker and evaluator) is currently paying Black a whopping $141,463 per tackle. Are you kidding me? This guy was supposed to be our blitz guy, and I don't know firsthand if its his inability to blitz or Rah not using a weapon, but it sure isn't pretty down here in Tampa.

Anyway just wanted to show everybody just how poorly we really are at the most important faucet of the game, TACKLING. So in 13 games, we've scored 21TD's thanks to Olsens repulsive offensive thought-process. We have a linebacking corp who are undoubtly being one-up'ed singlehandedly by Paul Posluszny whom we passed on in Free Agency. Another bad decision. And we're paying a nobody of a player $141,463 per tackle! Anybody else agree that really, our whole team sucks big cajones??? Not just Rah.. Not just Ollie the haggard hobo, not our hot-shot wannabe GM. We got MAJOR MAJOR issues at every level. Sorry Tampa brothern but it seems we will be sucking for give or take 2-3 years.

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