Time for a new coach? You bet. And then some.

Raheem Morris is over-matched. Plain and simple. 

Penalties kill every drive. There were seventy plus before Raheem decided to do something about it, making the team run 'gassers,' per a report on the team's official site. It took seven games to figure out it was a problem?

Slow starts? Well, we've heard about them forever, but Rah didn't want to acknowledge them because to give the elephant in the room attention makes it worse. Well, it isn't just the elephant in the room, it is the room. 

Per the commentators before today's game, Rah didn't make a big deal about today's divisional game against the Saints because he didn't want to psych out his players. Well, IT WAS A BIG GAME!!  I live in Maine and it was on local television. Do you realize how rare that is? It was for first place in the division! And now, catching first place is not even an option. The Saints play five of the next eight games at home, they hold the tie-breaker, and we've already lost to the other potential wild card teams. This game was the season. Raheem can realize that later.

While I'm on the subject of coaches, let's talk Olsen. He runs the same set of vanilla plays over and over. Last year, we put it up with it because the team was young and they didn't have time to learn new plays. This year, it's just pathetic. The offense doesn't have a pulse because he scratches his head, trying to decide which play to call. 

Also, someone please bench Freeman. Send him a message. Quit trying to be player's friends. They're getting paid a lot of money and they just aren't getting it done. Freeman's throws are high, he doesn't scramble like he used to. He's just not sharp. I have a sneaking suspicion that  if you went ex-post facto on him, there is direct correlation between Free's drop-off and when he started dating that super model. He looks hungover. I bet Raheem is partying with them. Hey, guys, let's go to London for a week and hang out with the cheerleaders and some rugby players. Yeah....

Talib. Sigh. How many times does he have to commit an egregious penalty before the coach yells at him? 

The offensive line we paid big money for? Well, they work well. Can't run block. Ditto for the Defensive line.  

The point is, this is chimera. The problems run deep, from the penalties--which are always only attributable to a coaching problem--to Freeman and Talib and the lack of free-agency activity. Ten bucks says Raheem fires Olson by the end of the year, a la 2009, to save his job. Hopefully the Glazers take notice.

The Bucs just lost their chance at the playoffs.

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