2012 draft will save us!!

Ive been reading for many years and never voice my opinion witch 9 times out of 10 im correct so im going to start sharing with everyone. Ive been doing alot of research since we dropped the Green Bay game.This off season could make our beloved Bucs Very very very good From the hours of game film Ive been watching and researching the 2012 draft Ive found alot of answers and paths for us to take and yes i know its early to be doing this but early bird gets the worm.Anyways,Obviously we need (Most urgent need to least) OLB,CB,ROT,C,WR.Now when i 1st started researching (i went to over 50 sights no need to post them all)I saw most people have us taking

Alfonzo Dennard CB 3 Nebraska Sr 5-10 205 4.49 <-------Highlights

Ive read that Raheem actually loves this guy and we all know when Rah likes sombody hes gonna take them even if theres a way better option. Alfonzo is the 3rd rated CB in the nation some even have him 2nd behind Morris Claiborne and Dre Kirkpatrick he is good but slightly overrated and i think hes a very risky pick,hes physical and good at getting pass deflects but his catching is suspect in my opinion and hes already missed games in college witch is the last thing we need.But he most likely will be our pick unless someone else takes him and i hope they do!

For our 2nd round Pick it looks like the most agreed person for us to take is

Lavonte David OLB 8 Nebraska Sr 6-1 225 4.62 <-----------Highlights vs Ohio state where he sparked there comeback!

Now this pick i love and i feel like he may be one of the biggest sleepers in this draft and yes i relize they both play at Nebraska i was thinking the same thing! Now Lavonte came on strong this year and is a very fast OLB he has posted way better 40 times then his official one and can play very good coverage he reminds me of Geno Hays except alot better against the run hes not a "Big Hit" guy but he does not miss tackles and he fits our defense perfectly and can also play the tampa 2 very well witch has seem to disappear this year unfortunately.He catches well for a linebacker and doesn't have off field trouble witch will be rare for our team lol but nice, He seems to take angles pretty well and doesn't seem to have any lingering injury problems.Yes he reminds me of Geno but i think he will make the strides that we all expected Geno too but has not for some unknown reason.With all that said im not giving up on Geno just yet i think he could be an above average LB and lets not forget Geno was drafted to play a tampa 2 style and he plays that pretty well so if we get back to that witch i think we will next year you never know,so even if we draft Lavonte we can move him to sam LB Hes way undersized for that position but thats overrated in the NFL and honestly HE would be a huge upgrade compared to Quincy Black.Never forget Derrick Brooks was undersized!

So thats most likely gonna be our 1st and 2nd round picks I don't think there Awful at all But i see a much better and very reasonable route for our team 1st things 1st Raheem is not going anywhere he is ahead of the schedule on rebuilding this team and has done a very good job thus far.Hes young and has a lot to learn still and he has shown at times he can coach defense very well he just needs to stop making dumb calls that makes him look bad keep it simple Rah!I think greg olson needs to go i think hes awful hes so predictable and makes some ridiculous calls i could go on for days about him he just needs to start by leaving Blount in on 3rd downs dammit, but i think he will stay unfortunately Rah is a very loyal person for the most part witch i love about him and thats great for building great long lasting franchises and loyalty is what we need so many Bucs fans will never forgive how our greats where tossed away like they were nothing (makes me sick still) So for the beginning of what i think could put us over the top next year is (ill start with free agents)re-sign Ronde Barber CB hes got atleast 3 years left from what i see but at safety and yes strong safety next to Tanard he would be a small SS but hes such a great tackler it would be fine and not to mention them 2 back there ball hawking WOW! LeGarrette Blount RB i shouldnt have to say anything on why we should pay this beast to a long term deal!!!Jeremy Zuttah G hes getting penalties here and there but playing well and is a great back up at many positions!Connor Barth K cheap and kicks good for us!Earnest Graham RB but at FB no need to explain what we all know!Geno Hayes LB I think a one year deal to give him that last chance to be what every one thought he would be (Uless we draft the way i think we should (as explained down there vvvvvvvvv)!Josh Johnson QB knows our system and is a reliable back up!Corey Lynch,Elbert Mack,Preston Parker cheap good back ups.also we need to keep Trueblood for another year untill 2013 draft when we can get a RT and Albert Haynesworth He is playing awesome for us he seems to be motivated and likes it in Tampa im sure it wouldnt be to much to re-sign him and imagine a healthy Gerald Mccoy next to him that would be insane with price rotating if hes not hurt!Now for the people to not sign Michael Bennett DT Yes hes having a good year but Bowers is on his level already as a rookie and will become a top 10 DE in my opinion,I also believe Bennett is gonna get some love in free agency and get a decent contract I just hope Rahs obsession with him dosnt get him a overpaid contract.If we can get him cheap then keep him as a back up it would make our rotation that more amazing!Kregg Lumpkin RB hes gotta go hes gotten chances and hasn't produced at all.Sean Jones S He is playing so bad hes blown more coverage then anybody in the NFL it seems and he cant tackle anymore he just lost it completely and besides i have us putting barber there witch is a 100 % upgrade in all aspects!

Now your probably wondering whos gonna play corner for Us if Barber goes to safety well if the draft has us getting who everyone is predicting then it will be Alfonzo But To the route i think we should take witch would make us wayyy better I think We should Sign Terrell Thomas CB 6'1 191 he will be going into his 5th season the giants arnt going for him they drafted prince and alot of teams will shy away because of his knee injury that ended his season this year! Hes not a super speedy corner so the injury wont effect him.Hes one of the best unknown players hes a great tackler hes had 5 picks his last 2 seasons before his injury this year and 186 tackles in those 2 seasons Not to mention 5 forced fumbles those 2 seasons he had a ok rookie year didnt play all that much. Hes a top 5 run stopping corner and is very good against the pass and fits are Defense perfectly and hes young and theres alot of corners in free agency this year we could lock him up for 4 to 5 years at a great price! I think hes a must have for us and we need to try and grab Bowe or Colston preferably Bowe, Free likes big wide receivers and he naturally throws high neither would be cheap but i think we need an elite WR opposite of Mike Williams BOWE would put are offense over the top But the Bucs spending in Free Agency is a long shot to say the least!

Now with those pieces in place at least the Terrell Thomas one is essential for the way i think we should draft with our 1st round pick:

Vontaze Burfict ILB 1 Arizona State Jr 6-3 250 4.67 <---------HIghlights a must watch who does he remind you of! (Ray Lewis)

This man is Freakin scary With in the 1st 5 minutes of watching game film i was amazed and his Highlight tape is AMAZING the 1st thing that popped in my head was A young ray lewis i had over 10 people watch it and asked them who he reminded them of Guess what RAY LEWIS across the board! Im not saying he will be the next ray but you cannot deny that he doesn't remind you of him instantly. He is by far the most talented LB in the draft he was projected a top 10 pick but he tryd to control his anger this year and did not play as well he often took bad angles but still played good.HE dosnt tackle he destroys he blows plays up there is no getting any extra yards after this man makes contact he does not miss tackles he is crazy good against the run and pretty good against the pass as well.HE has a non stop motor and usually doesn't stop running until he hits something,Hes the perfect 4-3 MLB i read a great quote explaining him "Hes like a heat seeking missile looking for something to blow up" He does have some on field problems that made him slide out of the top 10 witch is the only reason we got a shot at getting him Hes a very emotional player (Ray Lewis) he doesn't like coming off the field even if told to do so,He gets alot of penalties and is always in the middle of something on the field But lets face it thats what you want out of a linebacker a mean destroying machine and thats what he,, is also he has been clocked at running 4.55 all day and has no injury problems!

Round 2:
Sean Spence OLB 10 Miami (Fla.) Sr 5-11 224 4.58 <----------------------highlights

A beloved Florida native He is litrally dropping to the 2nd round or maybe even the 3rd (but i doubt it)because he is 2-3 inches shorter and 5-10 pounds than the average player at his position! He proved he could put on weight and not lose speed im sure he will again in the NFL His skill level is undeniable his motor is relentless an theres nothing he cant do as a line backer hes stronger than most middle line backers! (Do you remember how he threw Tebo like a rag doll by himself) and last time i checked Tebos been running through NFL line backers.HE is by far the best value for where he is gonna get drafted he has no off the field problems and is usually pretty good on the field as well we would be fools not to take him!

Now if we move Barber to SS sign Terrell Thomas at CB an draft Vontaze at MLB Move Mason Foster to Strongside LB his natural position and what hes much better at and Sean Spence at weakside LB we Would have one of the best Future LB groups and Defenses!

For the 3rd round these a center and a corner ill get into next time! PLz tell me what you think and do your research an tell me the way i have it set up witch is very easily realistic wouldn't solve alot of the Bucs problems especially against the run. And p.s Quincy black needs to be cut he is terrible i told every one i know we should kept ruud and let black go!

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