The 2010 draft is starting to look bad

It is too early to say it with certainty, but it is time to start talking about it. The Buc's 2010 draft is starting to look bad. Here's where we're at now.

1. Gerald McCoy - 2 years, 2 season ending injuries. Sucks, but that is reality. While he is on the field he is not living up to the expectations of a #3 pick, although he had been coming on good before his injury. Not #3 pick good, but plenty good to not label him a bust for any reason other than injury.

2a. Brian Price - More serious injury issues. He has been doing pretty well this year and he is unquestionably tough after coming back from that gruesome injury. He is injured now, but hopefully that isn't too serious. In any case, the bottom line is injuries have prevented us from getting the player we drafted.

2b. Arrelious Benn - He hasn't been getting very open and has been dropping balls. He's our biggest deep threat, but nobody is scared of him.

3. Myron Lewis - Maybe a year early, but I'm calling bust here. Biggers are Mack aren't that great, but they're completely outplaying Lewis. I don't think he even makes this team if we weren't so poor at corner.

4. Mike Williams - Really struggling this year with getting open and drops. I'm trying not to compare him to Clayton, but... He needs to have a good year next year or the Clayton comparisons are going to start coming fast.

6. Brent Bowden - Obviously a bust.

7a. Dekoda Watson - In my opinion, this is the only player on this list that is outperforming his draft slot. I still don't think he is starter quality on most teams, but he should be a starting LB on this team.

7b Cody Grimm - Sorry I forgot him on the first pass. While he is in the game, he is definitely over performing for his draft slot. Unfortunately, like McCoy, 2 years and 2 season ending injuries.

Like I said, it is too early to call this a bad draft. Things may still work out. If Price and McCoy come back with good seasons next year and stay relatively injury free, Williams plays like his rookie year, and Benn improves, hey it was a good draft. However,  there is a good chance the 2010 draft will not look good in hindsight in a couple years.

If our strategy is to build through the draft, it is time to start talking about how we're doing.

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