I Can't Give You Any Observations of the Bucs/Packers 11/20/11 Game

1) Mostly because I bummed out all afternoon.  My NaNoWriMo writing is going nowhere, I was busy this morning helping my brother with a flooded condo, and... other problems.  Sorry

2) But what the hell, I'll give you this much: Other than the dumbass Pass Interference calls our corners kept making, the Bucs played pretty well against the Packers.  Still a slow-starting offense in the First Half, obviously, but the rest of the defense kept us in the game and the Bucs offense ran well once Blount pulled off that awesome TD run.

3) This is why the fans want to see more Blount.  Even when the other teams know we have him on the field, he can run for yards.  And, at least once per game, give you an awesome breakout dash for a score.

4) Worrying woes: the Bucs' Red Zone offense is still more like Pinkish-Beige.  Part of the problem seems to be either not having Blount out there for every snap inside the 20, or else Freeman is trying to force the throws to Winslow.  When Josh threw to Mike Williams, it worked better.

5) In College Football News: Skip Holtz has no spine.  On three different 4ths-and-1 at midfield, during a low-scoring game where a TD would have won it, he punts.  Not ONCE does he go for it to keep drives alive and work for points.  Coaches tend to be conservative, but for the LOVE OF BAST GROW A PAIR.

5a) To all the one-loss teams: I hope Houston and LSU stay undefeated and Houston gets the BCS invite.  BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

5b) Here's an idea: Let's have all the teams join ONE BIG SUPERCONFRENCE and force ESPN to sign away $20 billion in TV rights.  How many university presidents do you think will jump at that money?

6) Next week: Bucs at Tennessee.  If the Bucs play as well as they did offensively today, and fixed those damn PI penalties for the secondary, they might actually win against the Titans.

6a) Don't forget during Pagan Turkey Sacrifice Day to watch the WKRP episode on YouTube.  You know the one.  If you ask, I will have to hit you.

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