Daily Bucs Links 11/17/11 - Peer pressure and thumb injuries

Bucs players try peer pressure to force better effort | tampabay.com & St. Petersburg Times
Whatever works. 

Freeman says his thumb injury has affected him 'maybe a little bit.' | tampabay.com & St. Petersburg Times
Maybe, but Freeman is having other problems than just an injured thumb. 

Bucs QB Freeman says sprained thumb not an issue | TBO.com
Wait, which is it?

Gannon thinks thumb injury plaguing Bucs QB Freeman | TBO.com
It might be, but there are other problems. 

What the Buc? The Podcast! | Beat like we stole something…NO EXCUSES
This is a must-listen. Steve White and Derek 'Old School' Fournier go off on Greg Olson and the rest of the team. Beware: profanity. 

Bucs' leaders address teammates, call for intensity | TBO.com
I'm calling for quality of play. 

Bucs GM Dominik says team going through 'growing pains' | TBO.com
You could say that. 

Bucs Q&A: Does the team need a new defensive coordinator? | TBO.com
At this point I can only say 'yes'. 

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Rodgers was told by Bucs he would be the 5th overall pick days before the 2005 draft | tampabay.com & St. Petersburg Times
And then they drafted Cadillac Williams. Whoops?

Bucs going to be cautious with Haynesworth practice time | tampabay.com & St. Petersburg Times
Ehm, okay. A bit odd. 

Bucs' Haynesworth advises teammates to let bad plays go | TBO.com
I'd say "improve on them".

NFL.com news: Inconsistent Bucs suffer from lack of leadership, accountability
Michael Lombardi has a point, but he sure does sound indignant

Bucs have faced stiff schedule - NFC South Blog - ESPN
That explains the record. It doesn't explain the quality of play. 

Pat Yasinskas' QB Watch - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Josh Freeman's picture adorns this story. Not good. 

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 10 DVOA Ratings
The Bucs are bad. 

Panthers lead league in starters' salary - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Bucs do not. 

It's a Mindset: Bucs Work on Tackling | Buccaneers.com
They'd better get it right. 

Got to Fight for It | Buccaneers.com
Fight for the ball: something the receivers can't do. 

[Video] Bucs UK Fan Club Visit | Buccaneers.com
Too bad they didn't see the team play well. 

[Video] Buccaneers Insider, 11/16/11 | Buccaneers.com
Insider previews the Packers. Ruh-roh. 

[Video] HC Raheem Morris Press Conference | Buccaneers.com
Press conferences for the win. 

[Video] QB Josh Freeman Press Conference, 11/16 | Buccaneers.com
Everyone loves press conferences. 

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