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Hey guys, I'm arodgb over from acmepackingcompany, the Packers SBNation Blog. I'll be happy to take any questions, comments, or [clean] smack talk you might have about Sunday's matchup! I'm sure some of the other APC Posters will jump in the conversation, so have at it!

Oh, and rec'ing this to keep it near the top would be kind. Thanks!!! :-)

Some quick tidbits of information...

-Clay Matthews, despite his low sack count, is playing at an extremely high level. He leads all OLB's in combined pressure, hits, and quarterback sacks (minus DeMarcus Ware)

-Aaron Rodgers is playing amazing. Personally, I have never seen a better span of games played by a quarterback in my life. He's probably due for an off game soon, and Rodgers has played his worst against the Bucs than any other team in the NFL [in the past].

-The names in the secondary you should look for: Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson. Both have been playing at a high level this year. Tramon is the 'shutdown' corner, while 'Wood is the 'do it all' corner. If there's a weakness in the Packers secondary, the Bucs should look to target Charlie Peprah, who has been abysmal in coverage and has been late with safety help quite a few times this season.

-Our defensive line has been awful this year. BJ Raji is in the midst of a slump, and our other lineman usually doesn't provide much more. I'd say they've been playing much better against the run than against the pass this year.

-The Packers only play a 3-4 defense in the media. They line up in a 2-4-5 nickle formation for the majority of their snaps. When the Vikings were on the Packer goal line last week, we still lined up in nickle... and they scored their only touchdown of the game.

-Offensive Line: Our interior has been solid all year. Josh Sitton, Scott Wells, and Brian Bulaga all have a legitimate claim to be Pro Bowlers. Many Packer fans will tell you Josh Sitton has been our best lineman, but both Bulaga and Wells are playing at a high level.

-Marshall Newhouse, the left tackle who stepped in for injured Chad Clifton, will likely get the start against the Bucs. Serviceable, but not very good. If there's a weak link to our offensive line, Newhouse is undoubtedly the worst lineman of the five. He's held his own against more inferior opponents, but he's struggled against good pass rushers like Jared Allen and Von Miller.

-Our receiving core is pretty stacked: Jermichael Finley, Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson all pose match-up problems. You're third and fourth corners MUST cover well in order to beat the Packers.

-Special Teams: Our kicker, Mason Crosby, has had a good number of touch-backs this year. He's got a gigantic leg, and hasn't missed so far this year. Tim Masthay, the punter, is susceptible to occasional line drive, low hang time punts, but he's been pretty good as of late. Our coverage units are pretty bad, but have improved a bit this year. If Tampa has a dangerous return man, he'll have a good shot at some big returns.

-Randall Cobb, this guy deserves his own bullet point. Green Bay hasn't had a good return man in YEARS, so Cobb sure has been a blessing for us. A kickoff and punt return for touchdowns so far this year, only problem with Cobb is the occasional lack of focus, which has cost us three or four fumbles on kickoffs and punts. Still a dangerous, explosive dude, Tampa Bay shouldn't underestimate him.

Here's to a injury free, entertaining match-up on Sunday!

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