Canary in a coal mine. Some Mid Season Observations


Things are unraveling for the bucs.  If you listen closely to the pres conferences from yesterday you can pick up on clues that the Kool Aid Raheem has been selling is starting to loose its attraction. (if you havent listened to Dane Cook and his skit on Kool Aid you need to youtube it).Here are just some observations:

In watching other teams. I see routes that I wish we had in our playbook.  Its interesting to me to see team like the giants and cowboys throw it down the field and all we can do is dump it off or throw out routes.  Penalties aside we need to get the players refocused by letting them have some fun.  That means in my opinion opening up the play book. 

Raheem had the nerve to call out Mccoy on poor tackling technique being the reason he tore his Biceps again. He said you should learn the fundamentals of tackling in Pop Warner.  I thought this was a low blow.  Your thoughts? 

Somethings is going on in the locker room where the players aren't fully bought in and that is apparent by their lack of hustle.  Also in Joshes Press conference.  He was saying he practices with blinders on and just goes out and focuses on his work and getting himself better and ready for the week.  i think he is hiding something.  

Anyone else' think we need veteran leadership to control the locker room better?  I like the youngry idea but its easy to loose youngry players when they get discouraged.  

How bad does it look now that we didn't go after Jonathon Joseph harder in FA? 

Hainesworth looked decent.  

Anyone else jealous of the the Texans run game. Its not just Arian I feel like you could plug just about anyone in there.  

Anyone fell like Blount is like a more agile Brandon Jacobs and the bucs need a good speed back  to change the pace and get around the edge?

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