Red Zone woes and so on..

I just got done watching Buccaneers insider and was so upset I felt compelled to gripe.  I am popping my blogging cherry with a rip on our favorite scapegoat Greg Olsen.

He blames out red zone problems on turnover and lack of execution.  I completely agree.   Now I have been waiting for one of you professional bloggers to address this and am surprised no one has mentioned it.  Where has the fade/jump ball to Mike Williams been in the red zone?  This was our bread and butter play last year and I thought it was successful.  I feel like Greg is trying to get too Cutsie with his play calling. He draws up wheel routes to Eric Lorig and Kreg Lumpkin, and then he has the audacity to blame it lack on of execution.  Your better off putting Josh Johnson in the back field to run the wheel route.   (That felt so good getting that off my chest I am going to go for seconds)

Starting off slow...

Why at the end of the game and at the end of the half are we so effective?  Oh yeah because Freeman is making the decisions.  I didnt know this until recently that the first 15 and sometimes more plays of the game are all predetermined.  Granted I realize that Josh has the ability to change the play if he sees an opportunity ( I hope at least) however this probably has something to do with our slow starts.  That and the fact that we have become so predictable. Here is an idea.  if we want to start games off fast, let start off in the hurry up 2 minute offense. its its broke fix it! 

Great coaches take what the defense will give you.  We can see this when smartly coached teams  have played the patriots this year. Raheem needs to take a play from his pal up in Pitsburg.  The Steelers and big ben ( who I think most closley resembles Josh Freeman) threw 50 times in the first half against the pass friendly NE Defense.  They shed there ground and pound mentality and played a great game by exploiting the weakness of their opponent, instead of trying to impose their will.  Greg Olsen and his hubris have to go.  

Passing can open up the run game.  Instead we tell everyone we are a run first and play actioan pass team. Its fair to say that our best weapons on offense are our deep receiving core.  Lets get them some action by calling verticle routes early in games.  Going deep early and often would then force over the top help and open up the box for Blount. I am not a coach or even really know what I am talking about but this just makes a whole lot of sense to me.  

That felt great and I am wondering if anyone agrees with my analysis and growing disdain for Greg Olsen.   


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