1. resign: LB quincy black , OG davin joseph , CB ronde barber , & SS tanard jackson

2. sign & trade LB barret ruud

3. cut FS sean jones ( get younger & tougher & more dynamic basically a playmaker )


1. sign OAK CB nnamdi asomugha ( talib & asomugha with barber in the slot & jackson & grimm over top ooohhhweee )

2. sign KC DE tamba hali ( did you see this guy in the playoff's , very good edge rusher )

3. sign MIA RB ronnie brown ( swap auburn back's , look at what he bring to our offense , tough run's like blount , wildcat threat , break away speed once he's in front of the defense he's gone ,in he is healthier then caddilac at this point  )


1st rd : DE :

UNC robert quinn (  if the the trade up deal is rite )

IOWA adrian clayborn ( should fall to 20 )

MIA allen bailey ( should fall to 20 )

OSU cameron heyward  ( should fall to 20 )

NOTE'S : i think any of the four would benifit in play very well as a rookie if we have a core of tamba hali , michael bennett , kyle moore & the draft pick , especially if you have gerald mccoy , roy miller , brian brice , al woods & frank okam in the middle )

2nd rd : MLB :

UNC quan sturdivant  ( could be there )

UNC bruce carter ( could be there )

MSU greg jones ( sould be there )

NOTE'S : travis lewis would have been on here but he decided to go back to school , the main thing here is we need a nasty physical presence in the middle a tackling machine that make's plays like the best mlb's in the league  ( patrick willis , jonathan vilma , ray lewis ) in that would elevate to very solid player's game in  haye's & black )

3rd rd : C or OG or OT :

WIS john moffit

FSU rodney hudson

TCU marcus cannon

WIS gabe carimi

NOTE'S : i know yall gonna be like they all are first rounder's , but according to there are people ranked higher then them so they project as 2nd & 3rd rounder's )

4th rd : RB or S :

WVU noel devine

OU demarco murray

CLEM deandre mcdaniel

WVU robert sands

NOTE'S : i like both of the back's they could be third down backs & return kick's for us in they are fast is lighting , the saftey's i like them because they are young dynamic playmaker's they both are very physical in would be  a great fits with asomugha , talib , barber , biggers ,lewis , jackson , grimm & lynch ( best secondary in the league if it happen's

5th rd : TE or FB

WIS lance kendricks

SC wesley saunders

MIA pat hill

STAN owen marecic

USC stanley havilli

6th rd : OG or OT or DE or LB :

ALA james carpenter

ARK demarcus love

PITT jaball sheard

NEB pierre allen

NEV dontay moch

OSU brian rolle

NCSU nate irving

ORE casey matthews

NOTE'S : just ah couple of linemen & de/lb that can be good on special team's )

7th rd : ANY :

BSU kellen moore

MIA graig cooper

UNC greg little

TCU jeremy kerley

OSU chimdi chekwa

TCU tejay johnson

OSU jermale hines

NOTE'S : just name's who could be there nothing much )


SUMMARY : if our offseason shape's up like this we are gonna be in next year's superbowl hand's down , we are a good young team that has exceeded expectations in is among the nfc's top , so show love dont bash me for this just have good convo down below comment everyday & let me know what you think .








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