Early 2011 Buccaneer's Mock

Welcome to my 2011 NFL mock draft for the Bucs. Despite the successful season, we just missed the playoffs (Thanks a lot Detroit Refs). Anyhow, I always enjoyed doing NFL mocks, so here it goes...


1(20) Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa

 We really need some DE’s. Stylez is average at best, and the rest have no business starting.

 Despite his 2010 struggles, Clayborn is still a pretty good player. This year, he was constantly double-teamed, and his production dropped. There are some minor character concerns with Clayborn, but Freeman and Barber are solid leaders. Probably not the best pass-rusher, but he is strong, he is a good bull-rusher, and he has a high ceiling. If he were drafted, we will need a new DL coach to maximize his potential. At the very least, Clayborn should be a very good LDE.

 Alt: Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue, Cam Jordan DE Cal, Aldon Smith DE Missouri(If he declares)




2(51) Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma

 Looking at some mocks, they have Lewis falling into the mid to late second round. This is pure value.

 While our OLB’s are not the worst, they can be upgraded. Despite playing WILL in college, Lewis does have the strength to be a SAM. I know it is optimistic to have him falling this low, but crazier things have happened on draft night(s).

 Alt: Rodney Hudson OG FSU, Quan Sturdivant ILB North Carolina, Mike Pouncey OG Florida


3(84) John Moffitt OG Wisconsin

 The O-line kind of stinks. We need to be able to open up lanes for LGB. Moffitt and Wisconsin did just that for John Clay and co. Davin Joseph may be gone as well.

 Alt: Jabaal Sheard DE Pitt, Kelvin Sheppard ILB LSU, Jimmy Smith CB Colorado, Jerrel Jernigan WR/ KR Troy (I really want a burner for our offense)


4(115) James Carpenter OT Alabama

 Trueblood should be gone, so we need someone to take his place. Really do not pay attention to O-Line, so if there is a better choice, let me know.


5(120, From DEN) Rashad Carmichael CB VT

 I do not know why I like Rashad, I just do. We still could use a CB with Ronde retiring within the next two years.


5(148) Greg Romeus DE Pitt

 Low risk/ high reward player. Could be a stud DE, could fail entirely, but well worth the risk in a position of need for the Bucs.


7(214 From KC) Graig Cooper RB Miami (FL)

 Does it really matter at this point?


What do you guys think? Madness? Optimistic? Awesome? Let me know of any other players you think the Bucs should target.










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