Witty's Its-Too-Early-To-Predict 2011 Bucs Draft

Yeah, well, I got nothing better to do while I job-hunt...

This is a draft with a few variables to it: The Bucs have a trade with Kansas City - that garnered DE Magee - involving a switch of draft picks.  As such, the Bucs will lose a mid-rounder pick (either Fourth or Fifth, as the Sixth Round is gone and the Seventh Round too low).  There's also the chance of a Compensatory pick for the Bucs in the lower rounds (I expect the Seventh, if anything).  This is all based on what the Bucs have now.

First Round (20th) - DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

This draft is considered one of the deepest for Defensive Ends, and there's a good chance of a run on DEs by the time the Bucs get their selection in.  Depending on how Kerrigan and the others finish in their scouting ratings, and who ends up being there at no.20, is what matters.  The Bucs need more QB pressure from their front four to get their cover defense working again.  Whoever is the fastest, and whoever can shed blockers the quickest, is the guy the Bucs should get.  Other candidates include DE Adrian Clayborn, DE J.J. Watt (moving up the boards), and DE Cameron Jordan.  On the off-chance that NONE of the DEs the Bucs want or need is available, the Bucs should consider making a move for best-available MLB (which is likely if the DEs are all taken) or best-available FS (same reason)

Second Round  - MLB Nate Irving, NC State

Barrett Ruud is the big question mark this off-season.  He's a free agent who could test the market and not be back.  The Bucs need to look for a speedy, pass-cover type LB with excellent tackling skills.  Not sure if Irving fits that, will wait for later scouting reports to verify which of the MLBs in the draft fits that bill.

If a MLB is not available for the value here, check with what Safeties might be on the board.  if Amhad Black from UF is here, I'd take him.

Third Round - FS Tejay Johnson, TCU

Pass coverage is a need for the Bucs.  Depth issues with injuries above all.  Any chance to upgrade the talent in the backfield is there as well.  I'd also suggest a CB at this point in the draft if the talent is there.

Fourth Round - OT Jason Pinkston, Pittsburgh

Basically anybody who fits the ROT position.  The O-line was solid this past season but injuries plagued the line.  Anybody for the OG positions should be considered here, but I'm really afraid of ROT Jeremy "Anger Management" Trueblood being on the roster at ROT and so I want him replaced with a more even-keeled player...

Fifth Round (two picks) - OG Carl Johnson, Florida and CB Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson

Odds are one of these picks is gone for the KC trade.  Meanwhile, depth needs for the O-line and at Guard is here.  Depth and talent evaluation for cornerback here as well.

Sixth Round - Traded

Seventh Round - FB Charles Clay, Tulsa

Depending on if Caddy goes via free agency, the RB situation is STILL decent with Blount our primary back.  Earnest Graham could switch back to RB and open up the FB position to someone better suited for it.

So.  I will update my suggested Bucs draft once more detailed scouting reports are available... and a better idea of how many draft picks we've got as well...

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