Tampa beats Mangini's Browns

While the silent, totalitarian paced the side line with scorn eyes and tight lips, Raheem wasn't so wasteful of his presence, as he empowered his team. With a poor offensive first half, and a dwindling defense, Tampa returned in the second half with a second wind.  I'm just going to go over some thoughts, criticism and some food for thought; where do I begin?


  • The Entire Defense had poor angles and it showed on blown coverage for the TD. I'll jump to the first noticeable poor play in the first was a screen where T-Jack took a bad angle. The next play, the play was reversed to Jones' side, where he too, made a poor angle. It looked like poor position play by the def. coordinator. But remember, the 2nd Half was improved.
  • I won't critisize Freeman, for the fact that his thumb was aggitated, but he needs to continue his progressions and decision making. But one could argue that K2 was open more of the game,  and Steven's was open on that bootleg for the nail in the coffin.
  • Caddy had 75 yards rushing for the game, but the stat sheet doesn't report the 50+ yards lost to COSTLY penalties. He's playing good and hard, this kind of production will be appreciated when the OLine can fairly create them pockets. E.G.'s fumble was unfortunate, but I believe that Caddy was momentarily flogged so the decision wasn't bad. To stretch ya'll thoughts on the issue, I have a question and lets say that Caddy actually had 125yards (where their were no penalties) and he's beginning to become winded as any player would besides C. Johnson okay? Should Huggy step in as a second, not commitee, but to compliment the run instead of FB runs which are easy to sniff out.
  • Ronde Barber came up with a good interception for a return to the 3yd. line despite the moss on the tree.
  • DE still seems wishy-washing, as Crowder had a hard time wrapping up Moore(#89) for a long 40(somethin') yard scamper. But on passing downs, McCoy, Crowder and Black seemed note worthy of there pressure to force more Delhomme picks, which showed a glimmer of their progression.
  • T-Jack, after blown overhead TD pass, made a nice tackle on Hillis for a Q.Black recovery. Not sure if Jackson was the one but his tackle seems to punch it out.. up for discussion.
  • Mike Williams seemed to get his feet wet late in the game, where his needle pin TD brought the buc's back in range for a comeback.  At this point, the defense begins killing drives and stops the bleeding. Freeman wasn't done and would catch Spurlock in the endzone. And despite being on the bubble, the return specialist turned WR, has already payed some dividends.

But this is only for constructive criticism and it seems hopeful to build apon these things and we can begin to shine.

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