Why 18 games is two too many.

I think a 18 game regular season is stupid and a move that will be made out of greed. That is my personal opinion and maybe after reading this your opinion on this matter will change. Please note I'm obviously not a head coach, owner or a NFL player and do not speak for everyone. This is just a way to express arguments that "can" be made for each side. Of course there will be many of you who disagree or agree with my reasonings. Please share your comments and add anything I've missed. I know there will be a lot.

I will be looking at the many different perspectives of the addition of 2 regular season games to the schedule.


As a pure football fan: GREAT! Two more meaningful games to entertain me. What do I care about players getting injured or careers being shortened? I get to watch games that matter and not wait for a month of preseason to go by and get out of the way. It will be interesting to watch how the added stats will break old records and the new standards of a bad, decent, or great season will be.

Conclusion: Nothing to lose, only gain.


As a head coach: Great... More work for me to do. Now I have to take in effect about how often I use my players and have to come up with potential ways to keep them from injuring themselves such as in practice. How much will my pay be increased? How many more players will I be able to have on my roster, practice squad, and active game day roster? Will I have a second bye week to plan for? Now I only have 2 preseason games to judge the talent on my roster. QB competition? The results of one won't be that accurate.

Conclusion: Same amount of time, more work.


As an owner: GREAT! More money for me! As if i don't make enough as it is! What do I care about the wear and tear on the human body? I'm not a player. I get to sit back and enjoy two more games worth of revenue! Excuse me while I go sit on my golden toilet.

Conclusion: More $


As an NFL player: Great... Now I have to be more worried about how I spend my money in case of an injury and to make sure I'll be financialy stable. I have to endure the pain of 18 games. Now 1,000 rushing yards will still be a milestone but not as good as it once was. 1,000 recieving yards? Big deal. Wow. Look at all the records that have been broken. How much more money will I be recieving this year? Will I even make the roster seeing as I only have 2 games to make an impression. Will I win the competition for my starting roster spot in that amount of time?

Conclusion: They have it the worst and don't really benefit from anything. Almost all NFL players I've heard are against the idea of two more games.

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