Welcome to Bucs Nation!

Bucs Nation

Say goodbye to Buc 'Em and hello to Bucs Nation.  The long awaited, much anticipated update has been made.  While it might seem like just a name change, it will end up being more than that in the long run.  While we were endeared a bit to our old persona of Buc 'Em, truth be told, it limited exposure based on the name and what it was a reference to.  With the change to a more "PG rated" name, this will allow the site to expand a bit beyond it's web borders.  While nothing concrete has been set, we are looking to get some exposure on both the airwaves and some broadcasts. 

What does this mean for you the reader?  A few minor changes, all (we hope) you see as for the better.  For those who are used to typing in www.bucem.com, don't worry.  You'll be re-directed (passively) to the new Bucs Nation website.  This should ensure continuity for those who don't know about the name change or simply forget.  If you have any issues though, let us know and we will do what we can to fix any issues that arise.

We are adding a few writers to the staff which should not only add more content for you to sink your teeth into, but will provide a few new voices to the mix.  I'm sure at this point you're sick of hearing me squawk about certain topics.  New voices can only be a good thing as they add other points of view and diversification to an already strong staff.

In the near future we also will be updating our community guidelines.  This is typically a yearly process and a nice reminder as we head into the season as to what will and won't be tolerated.  The good news?  Look for some less stringent guidelines while still emphasizing a fun, discussion-oriented environment.  We want to encourage intelligent discussion while still maintaining a creative and fun environment.

Lastly, we'll be soliciting some feedback on the site.  Those of you who have ideas, get ready to share those with us.  There will be a definite time to speak up, though the date hasn't been set yet. 

So for now, sit back, relax, grab a cold one (beer, soda, water, juice, your pick) and enjoy the changes that are happening as we speak, particularly our sweet new logo.  Kiss Buc 'Em goodbye and join us in ushering in the Bucs Nation era.

Welcome to Bucs Nation!

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We have our own Community Guidelines at Bucs Nation. You should read them.




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