Some worthy notes from Rick Stroud


Rick Stroud, writer for the St. Pete Times, got some great pieces of information out of Mark Dominik in his most recent article. Here are some of the pieces that stood out to me as I was reading this: 

The Bucs general manager said he also is making progress on a five- or six-year deal for Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, the third overall pick.

My guess is it's going to be around a 5 year $50 Million dollar contract with anywhere from 30-35 guaranteed. Rolondo McClain got a 5 year $40 Mil with 23 guaranteed. I expect this to be done when camp opens tomorrow. 

Only McCoy and Virginia Tech defensive back Cody Grimm, a seventh-round pick, are unsigned.

Cody Grimm is also waiting to see what Bradford does. Reports are he is going to hold out for first-round money.

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"His assets have always been strength and power," Dominik said. "And you can't show that in shorts. It'll be interesting to see what he can do in training camp when the pads come on."

Benn has truly been the forgotten piece this off-season; being completely overshadowed by Mike Williams. I think we are all excited to see what he can bring to the team during this camp.

Dominik said he is unaware whether Penn intends to report on time. He said he hopes the contract impasse is resolved soon, but there have been no talks on an extension.

Enough with this crap, Dominik. I get he is overweight, you have a personal vendetta against Donald Penn and you aren't going to give him an extension. Stop going public with it though, you aren't gaining any leverage on Penn. It has now become an issue of pride between both parties. Seriously, at least offer him SOMETHING (even if it is an all-you-can-eat buffet)

Demar Dotson has taken most of the first-team reps at left tackle. Xavier Fulton and James Lee also will get a chance to win the job.

"Dotson has worked very hard," Dominik said. "A lot of it comes down to how he performs with his opportunity and reps at left tackle.

Anddddd this is why it is imperative that you get Penn in camp. The thought of starting Dotson at LT scares me. I don't care if he is a hard-worker. A fat Donald Penn is still better than a Demar Dotson option.

To note: I have been completely wrong about sliding Zuttah over and sticking a lesser piece on the inside (which makes for more sense to me).

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