What Tampa would be like with out Raheem Morris.

Tampa went 3 and 13 in the 2009-2010 season. There was a lot of speculation about the talent, and development of the team up until the end of the year when the team started to show a little promise. Even with all the up and downs Tampa went through last year, it is interesting to see What Tampa would be like without their Head Coach Raheem Morris.

The Buccaneers owners wanted a young staff, and the formula they wanted executed on the field was an strong running attack with an stout defense against the run. The 09-2010 roster was being built to have a strong running attack and a Stout defense. The draft would of went the same except for this. The Bucs would not have drafted Josh Freeman unless he was available in later rounds.

The Bucs would of either traded up for Mark Sanchez or Matthew Satfford or they would of drafted the best DT on the board who would of been Peria Jerry. Freeman's inconsistency in college had him down graded and picking him was a high risk. But Raheem had a better tool to look at Freeman than any other scout had in the 2009 NFL draft. Morris was the defensive coordinator for Kansas Sate while Freeman was at KSU. Raheem was sold that not only was Josh good for Tampa, but he was the best QB out of Josh, Mark and Matthew in 2009. That alone made Tampa ready and willing to roll the dice on Freeman. 

Not only would there be no Freeman under center but the special teams would not be as strong either. Raheem used a different approach in camp last year and had some practices based only on the special teams, he also said that it was a bonding technique and thats why he called it his We-fense. It payed off in the long run cause Tampa had a effective special teams last year. I am not sure if some other coach would of detailed his special teams unit the way Rah did. 

Josh Freeman and Greg Olson development would of took a back seat in 2009. Even though the owners were not happy with Jags approach to the offense, they did not want Olson as a coordinator for their youthful staff. Raheem wanted Olson and believed in his system, and in a way would put pressure on the front office to give Olson a shot. If Olson did not get the job as OC this would of stunt Olson growth as a play caller of what can be an effective offense. And it would stunt Freeman growth cause of this. By the time Olson became the coordinator no one on the planet knew when to start Freeman but Olson. He had a plan for Freeman and he has done a good job putting it to work so far. 

The defense would of had no hope no matter how you look at it. It was no secret that last year the player personnel for the style of defense the owners wanted was not a good fit. And if Raheem was not here nothing about the Tampa2 would be here, so there is no reason to believe that they would of switched to another style like Rah did. The jump the D made after the switch last year would of been the same jump the strong point of attack defense would of made this year, if Rah was not here. 

The last thing of notice that would be different if Raheem Morris was not in Tampa is, Tampas competitive edge. There were on a few occasions last year where the Bucs had no chance at winning, but competed all the way to the end. That says a lot about the character, and will of the Bucs. And those are things that a team takes from their coach, the person who installs that into the players, especially in young talent. More important Raheem gave this team a identity and since of direction. The team Raheem took over had no identity or since of direction. I am not sure if another young coach could of had Tampa headed in the direction it is headed now under Raheem. 

Overall without Raheem Tampa would have no Tampa2, no Freeman, and not a strong special teams for sure. Who ever they would have brought in to coach might have installed a good competitive spirt, and probably could of gave the Bucs a since of direction plus an identity, but that is just a possibility. With Raheem those things are a guarantee. I am not sure the Bucs can be in a better position they are in now. 

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