Saturday Buccaneer Linkage: Bucs Happy With Their Running Back Situation; Jevan Snead Speaks

Did Snead leave college too early? He doesn't think so. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Post draft.  Post rookie camp.  Pre OTA's.  Not a lot going on right if you want to throw up some links in addition to what I've got, then by all means....

Seems the Buccaneers like what they have in their stable of running backs.  Raheem Morris praises Kareem Huggins (a guy we'll be talking about a good big this offseason):

"There’s always an opportunity at running back because you get the ball so much and you get to show so many things,’’ Morris said. "You get to show your ability to catch the ball a little bit during seven-on-seven. This time of year, you don’t get to see them in pads, which is always kind of a downfall. It’s always kind of a guess.

"Last year, we addressed it with Kareem Huggins. We got him in here and he was in the hopper all year for us and really played well.’’

Clifton Smith is another guy who is mentioned as a candidate for that seemingly-non-existent role of 3rd-down back in the Buccaneer offense.  Someone needs to be, because the Bucs used next to no change of pace back last year (unless you want to consider Cadillac coming back into the lineup as the slower Ward jogged off the field). 

Seems the Buccaneers like Erik Lorig for more reasons than just his ability to play defensive end.  Lorig also logged some time at tight end early in his career with Stanford before switching to tight end...and Morris stated that Lorig could possibly see some time at tight end down the road.  Kind of adds some more writing on the wall that the Bucs are looking to get some better blocking out of their tight ends.  However, Roy Cummings muses over whether the Bucs would be turned off on having to wait on Lorig if indeed his pectoral injury keeps him out for his rookie season. 

The Tribune has a Q&A up....worth a read.  Lot of good answers there.

UDFA QB Jevan Snead offers up some answers to critics who said he left Ole Miss too early:

"I had my degree.  I graduated in December with a marketing degree," Snead said. "That was huge thing for me. Really I was just felt like it was my time to go. We had a bunch of people leaving the team. A bunch of people say it was because of competition, and I'll tell you right now that's ridiculous. I wouldn't have come out if I were afraid to compete. I know that the next level is all about competing. Anybody who said I was afraid to compete doesn't know what they're talking about."


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