Training Camp preview

The free agency process has passed , the draft has come and gone . OTAs  are still in process , then it's training camp , here are a few things to look for  though training camp which is split up into 4 topics 


1 Position Battles 


DE           This will be an entertaining battle . Most will say there are no good DE on the roster , I feel that with the up grade at DT playmakers will emerge . Stylez G. White , Tim Crowder , Kyle Moore , & Maurice Evans will more than likely be the front runners . Even the ones who don't start gives us added depth , and will play on a competitive level . 

WR              Freeman's guys the playmakers . Reggie Brown , Arellious Benn , Mike Williams , Michael Clayton , Preston Parker , & Maurice Stovall , are the guys who will swap it out , I did not mention Stroughter cause he is the slot man . This Battle will make or break Clayton if he starts it means he deserve to and is a better player , if he doesn't start he will be a footnote . 

FB              This is an intriguing battle cause I don't think Tampa just wants a blocker at this position . Rendrick Taylor , Chris Pressley , and Earnest Graham are the choices for the FB position . I say that Tampa might want more than a blocker cause , they released Askew he was a blocker and other than Pressley ,Graham and Taylor are a jack of all trades . It will be interesting to see who wins this battle , and what will be done different with this position . 

NB             I think that this will be the most competitive battle this is Rahs speciality . Myron Lewis , EJ Biggers , & Elbert Mack will be going at it . Lewis will be a step behind cause the other two has been through a full NFL season , and is more familiar with the system .If Lewis wins this battle then Tampa will have a nice tandem of corners , simply cause Rah is just not going to give him the job, and Biggers and Mack want the job , for Lewis to out play them will say a lot . 

SS               This is only a battle cause , you just don't bring a guy in and say here this is your job , when your previous starter is on the team . It will be a stretch to say the Sabby will beat put Sean Jones , especially since I feel that Sean Jones and Tanard Jackson will form 1 of the best safeties tandems in the league . I also feel that it's right to let them battle cause it would do a lot for Sabbys morale , he can still contribute to this team 


2 Who's creating the most Buzz 


                Last year there were two guys creating some Buzz through the media during training camp . Josh Freeman was 1 , with the QB battle going on every 1 in the media liked what they saw from Big number 5 . There was not a throw he could not make . The other was Cadillac , the media loved his story . Williams came back from two knee injuries , and was running like he did not miss a step . It will be nice to see who is creating the most buzz during training camp this year and at what position . 


3 What does Rah have to say about the D 


                Last year during Bates and Raheem post practice interviews , they seemed optimistic about the D . They were optimistic about the safety position and the D-line mostly , and by the end of the 2010 season those were the positions of concern . The only thing they were not hesitant to talk about was the linebacker position even with Phillips at WLB . It will be exciting to see how Rah feels about the D in this year post practice interviews , especially on the D-line . 


4 Which side of the ball is setting the tone 


                    Who ever is setting the tone will tell which side of the ball is clicking fully , hence  last year the QBs moved the ball up and down the field cause the lack of pass rush , and they were  working against Bates D . It will be nice to see both sides set the tone but this can be a deceptive sign , yea both sides of the ball can  be clicking but also it can mean neither side is good enough . If I had to chose I would hope that the defense is setting the tone , that means our good o-line can't block our D-line , and we will see how Josh can handle the pressure If Josh throws ints against our D that tells 2 things the D is setting the tone and , Josh still has a long way to go . For a good Offense to struggle against a good D just means that D is better , but if an offense is just destroying a D that does not mean your offense is good that D might be horrible .


              Training camp is right around the corner , and it is a vital step in this teams development . IT will be the first sign to tell if Mccoy and Price are as good as Sapp and Booger , also we will see if Freeman to Benn and Williams is a nice combo . What will you be looking for at the start of training camp Buc nation ?

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