Players' Salaries for 2009 (or Another Reason to Hate Clayton)

So I was messing around on yahoo sports when I came across salary info for our Bucs in the 2009 season.  Normally I don't think about players' salaries so much but some of the numbers were surprising to me.

I checked these against another page and they seem to match up.  Not sure how it all breaks down, if there are bonuses included and whatnot.  I'm sure some of you can supply that information if it's relevant...

Below I've listed the highest paid player (still on our roster) based on position.

           2009 Salaries

QB : Josh Freeman - $1,380,000 - no surprise here.

WR/TE:  Michael Clayton - $7,506,760 - Wow.  I knew he had an inflated contract but to see the number and know that he's making more money than Winslow ($5,176,760) and Caddy ($2,100,760) combined....  It just boggles my mind.  [note: Antonio Bryant actually earned more than Clayton did in 2009 (AB got $9,890,760), but at least he had produced in the last few years.]

RB: Derrick Ward - $5,006,760 - I don't think he got a good chance to prove his worth last year as the running game never really got going and Caddy was just playing better than him.  Would love to see him step it up and match Caddy, who by the way will be a free agent at the end of next year.

OL: Donald Penn - $2,797,200 - I'm a Penn fan and I think he deserves every penny AND an extension.

DL : Ryan Sims- $ 2,756,760 - Well, we all know he won't be at the top of this list next year...  [Note:  Hovan actually made more ($3,006,760).]

LB: Angelo Crowell- $2,756,240 - You tell me, is he really that much better than Ruud ($1,606,760)?

DB: Ronde (Methusalah) Barber- $3,006,760 - I'm sure nobody is shocked by this.  [Just for note, Talib got $1,188,010 (seriously, you need that extra 10 dollars?). ]

K/P :  ... - who cares?


Any thoughts or reactions?  I was upset to see that Clayton makes so much (team's highest paid player behind Bryant last year!) when people who actually DO SOMETHING to help us win make so much less. 

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