Keysers Mock Draft RD 1

1. St. Louis Rams : Sam Bradford QB ,  If they pass on another potential franchise quarterback , then they might as well blow up the whole franchise . 

2. Detroit Lions : Russell Okung OT ,  I know Jim would love one of the two great DT but you need a guy to go against Peppers , Allen , & Matthews three top notch pass rushers all in your division .

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Ndamukong Suh DT ,  We need a pass rush we need a run stopper we need leadership how about all that in 1 .

4.Washington Redskins : Anthony Davis OT ,  The guys they got on there o-line is not going to get it done to play on a high level with McNabb

5. Kansas City Chiefs : Ronaldo McClain LB ,  This guy can man the middle for them or if they want they can put him on the edge but thats selling him short either way it go they cant lose with him 

6. Seattle Seahawks : CJ Spiller RB ,  Why do you need a quarterback when you already have a quarterback this guy gives you a whole other dynamic on offense him Jones and Forsett can cause a lot of problems .

7. Clevland Browns : Jimmy Clausen QB ,  If Holmgren is buying the groceries for this franchise you best believe that he is going to start with some bread and butter the Quarterback position 

8.Oakland Raiders : Gerald Mccoy DT ,  With him and Seymour I fell sorry for the AFC West 

9. Buffalo Bills : Bryan Bulaga OT ,  The key with this guy is if you have a Guard who is better at tackle you can kick him out at tackle and put Bulaga at Guard 

10. Jacksonville Jaguars : Derrick Morgan DE ,  They have been trying desperately to sow up there pass rush I think Morgan can help them there 

11. Denver Broncos : Dez Bryant WR ,  Unsure about Marshall pick Bryant I don't know how taking advice from an NFL legend is an off field issue 

12. Miami Dolphins : Dan Williams DT ,  This guy is an impact player for them because he will make all the playmakers they do have better 

13. San Francisco 49ERS : Eric Berry DB ,  Their biggest need is on D and they have a lot of playmakers in the front 7 how about picking up a playmaker in the secondary 

14. Seattle Seahawks : Taylor Mays S ,  I think this guy will be a star , Carroll knows this guy will be a star 

15 . New York Giants : Joe Haden CB ,  They have talent at the corner position but only Webster stays healthy they need consistency week in and week out cause now you got to worry about Washington Passing game along with Dallas and Philly 

16 . Tennessee Titans : Jason Pierre-Paul DE ,  past two years you have lost your top 2 lineman break the trend and pick up the new " FREAK" 

17. San Francisco 49ERS : Trent Williams OT ,  Help out Gore and with an unstable quarterback position Smith and company will need help too

18 . Pittsburgh Steelers : Ryan Matthews RB , Their offense is not good for just 1 running back we will see go back to their SuperBowl formula Matthews helps them there 

19 . Atlanta Falcons : Sergio Kindle DE , Even though I don't want to see my rival pass rush get better right now thats all this team lacks 

20. Houston Texans : Earl Thomas DB , you lost your best DB how about pick up the best DB on the board 

21 . Cincinnati Bengals : Maurkice Pouncey  C , This pick here helps them out for that long Superbowl run  also he can play more than 1 position 

22 . New England Patriots : Kyle Wilson CB , This helps solves a lot of problems for this defense in a division where there will be a lot of defensive battles 

23 . Green Bay Packers : Mike lupati OG , The sacks slowed down later in the season but still Rodgers or any other quarterback should not be getting sacked 50 times 

24 . Philadelphia Eagles : Everson Griffin DE , With McNabb on Washington you better have somebody who can put him on his back 

25 . Baltimore Ravens : Brandon Graham DE , They need help here cause other than Suggs the other impact players in their front 7 are aging 

26 . Arizona Cardinals : Brandon Spikes LB , They lost the guy who made all the plays in the middle Spikes is a nice replacement 

27 . Dallas Cowboys : Bruce Campbell OT , They love this guy the most athletic offensive lineman in the league he wont be there in the second round 

28 . San Diego Chargers : Terrence Cody NT , He is a good replacement for Jamal Williams they wont lose a step 

29 . New York Jets  : Jermaine Gresham TE , Lets give Sanchez a blocker and a security blanket with him and Keller you now have the threat of a two tightened set 

30 . Minnesota Vikings : Devin Mccourty CB , Only real concern on this team is at this position with injuries and all this pick makes a lot of sense 

31 . Indianapolis Colts : Brian Price DT , The guys at this position have been inconsistent barley getting by the guy makes an impact on this team as if they were getting Gerald Mccoy 

32. New Orleans Saints : Sean Weatherspoon LB , These guys won the Superbowl and said we don't need you no more to some of their players they can cover up a hole left by Fujita with this pick 

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