Heres how the Bucs 2010 draft picks fit in .

1. Gerald Mccoy our new enforcer on defense . His primary role will be the same as Sapps , causing disruption of the line and , a guy hard to game plan against . He will be used different than Sapp , cause of the way Raheem will be using the  defensive tackles . Mccoy will also see some time at Defensive End , with his athleticism he can be as effective as Justin Tuck is at his end position . This was a great pick for the Buc Nation , it feels good that a Buc fan is the # 1 rated prospect on most boards , it's exciting that he is own our team .

2. Brain Price was a surprise pick . Price was not a surprised pick because of his talent , but no one expect the Bucs to draft two DTs back to back . This proves that Rah and Dom are committed to fixing the Bucs issues . Price will fall into that Booger Macfarland role this is protecting our first pick , cause he will take a lot of pressure off of Mccoy . Raheem Defensive style apply s to Price just like it does to Mccoy . Price is an intriguing pick cause he does not have the dominate power but he has some power , and he's not athletic as Mccoy but he's athletic . He will play all over the line unlike Macfarland who was just drawing double teams .

3. Our first sexy pick , the Wideout position is Arrelious Benn. I know I am not the first to say this but , he reminds me of Aquan Boldin . He's a fighter ,a guy who will add some intimidation to the wideout position ,the same way Keyshawn Johnson did . He has deceptive speed like Bryant did and ,he might make some spectacular catches like Bryant ,cause he is so tough . He really needs to come and make his name known at the start of training camp , the Michael Clayton experiment is getting old .

4. Myron Lewis to me was the first pick we could do without . To many CB was a position of need , to me it wasn't . Rah and Dom makes the decision , and they made a pick that reminds me a lot of Alan Zemaitis , a 6'2 200 lb. CB we drafted in the 4th round of the 06 draft . Like Alan Myron will be ask to fill in Ronde shoes , He does not have elite talent but if he learns the in and outs of the Tampa 2 defense he will be Ok . I just don't hope he don't end up like Zemaitis , not even capable of special teams coverage .

5.      Mike Williams can do us no harm . Best case scenario he turns in a consistent career being a nice and reliable target for Freeman . Worst case scenario  he is a situational guy like Clayton , or just a special teamer . The off field issues are not concerns to me , a player character grade is key to Mark Dominik and , Williams scored major points , he was a highly scouted player for the Bucs , so I think they know what they were doing when they picked him . I feel there  will be more of a spread attack , you know Kellen Winslow is going to be involed and 4 or 5 other wide outs Brown , Stroughter , Benn , Williams . This position is getting crowded , and if the rookies do their job either Stovall or Clayton will be gone ,which means we got better 

6.           The next three pick will all be key in the We-Fense ( Raheems term for special teams ) , and they will allow some starters to come off of special teams . Brent Bowden will be a weapon for the defense and , will allow us some favorable field position which is key to winning games . Cody Grimm I feel will only see playing time on defense if some gets hurt , but to play special teams on  this team you cant be sorry . Grimm is an instinctive player , who plays a similar style at VirginaTech and , will be asked to do the same here as far as special teams goes . Dekoda Watson Ive followed since High School he went to school in Aiken GA and name was blowed up all in the news papers playing DE down here , he then went to FSU a school of my liking and he was a captain there . He will have and immediate impact on special teams like Russ Grimm will have , but his skill will be used to back up Quincy Black .Watson is insurance for Black in case he goes down with an injury or , if contract disputes occur when its time to sign Black back . 

7.            With Erik Lorig I am going out on a limb and say he will make the impact that Stroughter made as a rookie . He is almost in the same situation in terms we did not address the wideout position last year until the 7th round like this year we did not address the DE position until the 7th round . He will have an opportunity to prove himself because there is not really a guaranteed starter at the DE position . He will probably be used on special teams also , I did not want to mention him with group 6 cause , I truly feel he is the Sammie Stroughter of this draft . 

Overall we had a good draft  . All the picks we made cleared up the free agency questions and , we are now close to  closing the door on this rebuilding thing . What you think though Buc nation did we secure our future our , did we shot our selves in foot .

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