Day Three Awaits, Bucs fans. What now

Well, Day Two was... interesting.  Getting another DT in Price was a shocker: with high need at WR and CB, the Bucs went instead with anchoring the interior D-line with a bigger body.  At least we got WR Benn at the extra pick (costing the Fifth Rounder to move up).  The Third Rounder got the CB need filled with Myron Lewis.  Wait, really?  Anyway.  So now, what should the Bucs do for Day Three, Rounds Fourth through Seventh?

As always, the drops in the draft get interesting for the teams awaiting at the top of each round.  At the start of the Fourth the Bucs could be looking at some decent DEs that slipped down... especially DE Everson Griffen, someone projected as a Second Rounder and currently Mel Kiper's top remaining prospect.  Corey Wootton is another DE, but the scouting on him sounds like he's more DT than end.  There's also considerations for OT Kyle Calloway, someone I got on my draft and I think someone else here at Buc'em was hoping for the Fourth Rounder as well.  OT Ciron Black is there too (or is he OG?)  WR talent is still a need, and Mah Boy Mardy Gilyard is on the boards.  But other WRs include Mike Williams (Syracuse) and Riley Cooper...

All things considered... we need more weapons on offense.  Another WR will do.  Gilyard could help as a possession-type receiver.

Losing the Fifth Rounder might hurt a bit. Um, actually a lot.

So who does this leave for the Sixth?  I'm thinking at this point, our team needs cover Right OT, a Center, maybe any Safety that might have slipped from 4th-5th rounds for depth evaluation. I've been thinking a FB could go here but are we set with Earnest Graham as the FB?

Seventh Round gets to be pot luck, anybody in the category of Guard, Middle Linebacker, and extra Corner and Receiver picks.  There's a nice possibility of USF WR Carlton Mitchell slipping down here.  I'm still miffed we missed Taurus Johnson last year and this year I don't want any excuses dammit.

In short:

Fourth Round: Bucs should look for WR or DE.  DE Griffen if he's there.  WR if he's not.

Fifth Round: Use a package of 7th Rounders - up to three of them - for any team with an extra Fifth that's also short a draft spot in the Seventh.  See if we can get a ROT here if we can trade up.

Sixth Round: ROT here if Fifth Round unavailable.  Maybe FB.  Maybe C.  Either way, someone with offensive blocking skillz. :)

Seventh Round: Trade bait for up to three of the Seventh Rounders as needed.  WR Carlton Mitchell if he's still available by this round.

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