Witty's Mad-mad-mad Full 7-Round Final Week Bucs Draft Mockery

THIS IS IT (for this year)!  THIS IS THE DRAFT FOR THE AGES (until the next time we got a new coach and we're rebuilding)!

So how do I see the Bucs wasting wisely spending their 11 draft picks this 2010 April?

First Round - 3rd overall pick.  DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma.  I still see the Rams using their top pick on a QB (Bradford the most likely candidate).  I can't imagine the Lions going after an OT when their O-line is okay (just not great) and their D-line is hideously bad.  So I got Suh going to Detroit (Suh's last words: "NOO!  NOT DETROIT!").  That leaves McCoy for the Bucs.
On the off-chance that the Lions are completely insane and pass on Suh, then we get him and McCoy slips down to... oh I dunno, Seattle maybe.

Second Round - 35th overall.  CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama.  I could go with a decent SS here but we need more CB depth and development with Ronde's career nearly at the end.  Jackson's scouting has him as a Cover-2 type, which we need, ya?

42nd overall.  WR Mardy Gilyard, Cincy.  I have this guy as the most underrated WR in the draft.  I'd love to see him taken here.

Third Round - 67th overall.  DE George Selvie, South Florida.  I don't get why Selvie's scouting reports are so bad.  Yes he had a rough senior year but he was dealing with a) a stupid head coach and b) double-teams.

Fourth Round - 101st overall.  OT Kyle Calloway, Iowa.  We need to look at Right Tackle for the O-line: Trueblood is getting too many penalties to be any effective for our offense.

Fifth Round - 153rd overall.  S Barry Church, Toledo.  Safety depth concerns for the most part.

Sixth Round - 172nd overall. FB Jack Corcoran, Rutgers.  There's talk the Bucs may draft a RB, but our run-game needs more blocking, hence the need for a FB.

Seventh Round - 210th overall.  Actually, I'm betting that with four 7th Rounders that the Bucs are going to use any three of these as Trade Bait (the fourth, the compensatory pick, can't be traded).  As the highest available, this might not be here.  Just in case there are no trades, another Safety for eval wouldn't hurt.  S David Bryant, N. Illinois

217th overall.  WR Juamorris Stewart, Southern A&M

232nd overall.  MLB Josh Hull, Penn St.

253rd overall.  C Kyle Mutcher, Weber St.


Okay, how bad is this?

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