Suh versus McCoy. Is there really a debate?

So I was surfing the net last night and somehow got sucked into a vortex of Suh highlights.  I'd watched some before but not to the extent I did last night.  Then, with reality being that we'll probably end up with McCoy, I tried to watch as many highlights of McCoy but I just couldn't find many. 

Anyway, it left me really wanting to see Suh in pewter and red over McCoy.  I've read in several places however (sorry no links) that McCoy is supposed to be a better fit for our defense.  And I've even seen in some Mocks that we select McCoy with Suh still on the board (obviously with the Rams taking Bradford and the Lions taking Okung). 

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Am I missing something?  It seems to me in my laymen's view that Suh is clearly the better DT.  What impressed me the most is his initial burst and his overall strength.  Combine that with his superior footwork (soccer background) and the guy is just unreal.

With McCoy you get steady pressure and play disruption, but nowhere near the explosiveness or grace, if you will, that I'm seeing in the Suh videos.  Perhaps this is partly due to not seeing the right highlight reels because, as I mentioned, I can't find them. 

Furthermore, when I hear both men speak, Suh comes away with the edge.  McCoy seems like a really nice guy, but kind of a simple lad who likes to ramble on and on about loving football and being blessed by God, while Suh seems more intelligent, self-aware and far more likely to tear an opposing quarterback's head off in the course of a pass rush.

2009 Stats:

                                              Suh                             McCoy

Tackles                                  85                                 34

Solo Tackles                         52                                 25

Tackles for a Loss                 24                                 15.5

Sacks                                     12                                  6

Passes Defended                   10                                  2

Hurries                                   28                                  10

INT                                          1                                    0

Blocked Kicks                         3                                   0


Now, I'm not big on stats, because they can be misleading, but still...  These stats clearly favor Suh.  In fact, in 2009 Suh had more production in every category up here than McCoy did in 2009 AND 2008 (the exception being INT's as McCoy did get one in 2008).

So tell me, what is the argument for taking McCoy over Suh?  If you know of any good links that demonstrate why McCoy is a better fit for us, please share them.

We all know that the likely scenario is that McCoy ends up in Tampa.  I've resigned myself to that and I will whole-heartedly support McCoy should he come our way.  However....

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