In light of the news of Donald Penn giving the Bucs an ultimatum of a new deal(wishful thinking) or a trade...

Here's a list of teams the are in need of a LT and their draft positions


Team - (Round) - Pick Overall

Bills - (1) 9, (2) 41, (3) 72, (4) 107

Cowboys - (1) 27, (2) 59, (3) 90, (4) 125

Redskins -  (1) 4, (5) 103, (5) 135

Steelers - (1) 18, (2) 52, (3) 82, (4) 86

Cardinals - (1) 26, (2) 58, (3) 88, (3) 89, (4) 123

Seahawks - (1) 6, (1) 14, (2) 60, (4) 104, (4) 127

Packers -  (1) 23, (2) 56, (3) 86, (4) 122

Lions - (1) 2, (2) 34, (3) 66, (4) 100

Colts - (1) 31, (2) 63, (3) 94, (4) 129

Chiefs- (1) 5, (2) 36, (2) 50, (3) 68, (4) 102

Raiders - (1) 8, (2) 38, (3) 69, (4) 106

 *Notice I didn't add anyone from the NFC South to this list. That's because we aren't the Eagles and send players we know that can hurt us to our rivals.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face. While yes it is sad we likely will trade Donald Penn, the return should be good and the potential of having 2 first round picks AND 2 second round picks in a draft like this is almost like a dream. This possibility should keep our new draft consultant/talent evaluator a little busy.( Teams that jump out to me are the Chiefs and the Seahwaks simply because of the amount of high picks they have and the desperate need for a LT. Walter Jones is retiring so maybe we could snag Seattle's latter 1st round pick otherwise it will be a long (or short) year for new QB Charlie Whitehurst. It's possible Seahawks could draft Russel Okung, but look for the Redskins to draft him if he's available when they pick fourth overall. Or the Chiefs could offer something sweet to protect Matt Cassel's blindside.

Sadly, this is the state of the Bucs. We trade our best players at their respective position because we can't sign them to long term deals. I have come to terms with it and hope Dominik has a decent return on this trade. Surely we will shuffle our line if/when Penn goes, but as it stands - Demar Dotson - it is your time to shine...or not.

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