Why the Bucs will hit a Home Run on Draft Day 2010

Your bypassing the HDTVs, even though that new 3D model has a few extra set of glasses for you to try out, and your passing right on by the XBox and PlayStation areas too. Sure you'd like to upgrade those sections of your home entertainment center, but you know youve got them taken care of for now, you want to add one nice piece that you've been missing: A Surround Sound 7.1 Tuner and appropriate speakers. Your going to go home with nothing but the best, because it's all you've been looking at for weeks, and you know what your doing.

And likewise, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be bringing home tomorrows stars when they leave the 2010 draft, because much like my comparison, the draft is what they have focused on for some time now.

This team isnt interested in sacrificing a few wins now for a potential dynasty tomorrow, they understand that every high priced veteran with 4 years left on their life that plays today, is robbing a 10 year star like Lynch or Brooks from developing into their future. And so our Buccaneers already know exactly where they are going to lay their money, its just up to us to try to figure out.

1)Defensive Tackle- Without a doubt, the Tampa Two has always started with a fierce pass rush from a dominate 3 technique Defensive Tackle, and Warren Sapp made this defense work. While the Bucs wont always like up in T2 formation, the linemen will still hold true to form; that is, a one gap, undersized line that gets penetration into the opposing backfield, disrupting the play there. This differs from how they played to begin last season under Jim Bates, when they were trying to be a 2 gap line that help up blockers for linebackers to make a play. It was essentially trying to run a marathon with sprinters, the wrong guys for the job. If McCoy or Suh are there, one of them will be the first pick.

2) Wide Receiver- unlike before, the Bucs are going to try to build their next version by distributing talent on both sides of the ball. Tony Dungy held the defense to a very high level, one he rarely held the offense to. In the modern version of the Bucs, the offense has actually been built first. The franchise is being put together around the arm of Josh Freeman, and the Bucs feel they have found a true star Quarterback, one that will be a real leader and take the team to new highs. Instead of matching him up with players that have already established their habits, the Bucs will put receivers that are the same age around Freeman, and have them come up with the team together. Each year, each offseason program, each OTA, Freeman and his group of pass catchers will become more polished than the year before, and will learn to compliment and think together as a unit. The first of the Bucs second round picks will go towards a receiver.

What the Bucs will do with the rest of their top 50 picks and 8 total picks in all really depend on how the draft unfolds, but here are some areas of concern:

Cornerback: Tampa Bay could go with a safety first, but a strong corner to replace Ronde Barber would make sense with so many available in this draft.

Linebacker: How the Bucs view Barrett Ruud will be answered in just around a week, because a middle linebacker selection will mean the Bucs really don't have confidence in Ruud being a leader on this team. Ruud is a good player, with a load of special abilities, but taking the reins isnt one them, and whether or not the team is willing to ride with that is about to be settled.

Offensive Line: Don't be too down on the O-line Bucs fans, remember what they went through last year. Regardless of whose fault it was, they were told to slim down and learn a zone blocking scheme, then their Offensive Coordinator was removed and before you knew it, they were told to put weight back on and power block again. How well Aaron Sears returns to the line will have a lot to do with the overall success of the unit, but the Bucs are having issues with locking up Donald Penn, and are still waiting for a maturer Jeremy Trueblood to stop making so many drive stopping penalties.

Draft grading is really something that cannot be done for several years. The Texans are probably getting more out of Mario Williams than the Saints are out of Reggie Bush. No Bucs fans, it will be a few years before we will be able to talk about the 2010 draft and its impact on the team,  but know this. Like the shopper who is able to focus his energy on one area, this Bucs regime that didn't do that bad of a job with last years crop, will go into this years war room with plenty of information, and should come out with the best draft squad since 1995.

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