Bucshots: Statistical analysis post? from Niko??? That & watch as Warrick Dunn cans some Tuna

Not exactly. Im just borrowing some, In a report that would make BucWild proud, Buccaneers.com shows statistical analysis that reveals the youth movement going on right now compared to the original movement that took place starting in 1995 under the Glazers first season as owners. The similarities are astounding. 

Notice how the age gets lower, and the % of Bucs that were drafted gets higher?  Look what happens AFTER the SuperBowl. Two 9-7 seasons under Jon Gruden? Less than half the Bucs were drafted by the Bucs. Go to the article and read it, and the last 5 years % from the draft is an even bigger indicator of  Bucs problems recently. 

What chances would you give the Bucs if they were in a 3rd and 28 situation? What about with a rookie
Warrick DunnReminisce at your own risk, I dont think we have a back like this on the roster today.

Clifton Smith might be the closest thing, but I wont be upset if we draft a back over the next couple of years. Someone that we can really watch the Bucs grow with. Not that I'm not proud of Cadillac Williams. I dont think his story is done anytime soon.

Stephen Holder gets into why the Bucs may not be willing to take the risk on Kampan after his surgery.

Im not that familiar with Kampans situation, but that injury sounds like its better to be on the  side of prudence. 

Ira Kaufman writes a heartfelt story on Derrick Brooks, and how the League has seen the last of Double Nickle, until Canton in 4 years that is. I'll be there to watch him join LeeRoy.

As much as I didnt like the way he was let go, I still understand it had to be done. None of the greats ever want to leave. I'm sure the Bills hated to see Thurman Thomas as a Dolphin, like the Packer fans had to watch their old No. 4 beat them twice. At least # 55 will always and forever remain a Buc.

For those of you antsy for the Bucs to get their feet wet in the FA pool, Jim Flynn of the Pewter Report talks about the Bucs second wave interests.

The Bucs have been bigger fishers in this second wave for years now, so this doesnt catch me off guard, nor should it.

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