Farewell Bucem.com

 will make this short and sweet...

Im not going to bash anyone, instead I'll take my bashings on the Fanposts and in here from the people who will do so. 

I originally had an idea of what I thought a good Bucs Blog should be. That idea was www.Bucstop.com. The only reason I came to Bucem to begin with was to post videos so Bucs fans from all eras could enjoy them. SBNation has shyed away from videos so as not to offend the NFL. 

It took a simple email, 5 minute phone call, and a few favors, to get permission from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers front office to not only do my Top 25 of all time Bucs Games, but 30 second shorts any other time as well, with some restrictions.

Given the events of the past couple of days, I saw absolutely no reason to bring those rights to this website. 

That decision has nothing to do with its readers. Ive found some of you ANTI Morris/Dominik/Glazer people of good nature. We dont agree with each other, but I like having Cracker Ball and BucsfanlostInIowa around! 

www.Bucstop.com is not really big on comments, it was never meant to be. I have the same feelings about it as Jim Rome does....where he makes fun of Radio hosts who say " No one takes more phone calls than us", which means "we cant come up with original content so we need you to do our job for us.

While I think the SB Nation ideal of fan based posts is a profitable one, I think most people just want to come to this site to read what we have to write, and, to watch videos and other content, which I will be providing on my own site.

2000 people come here in a day, but only 30 post anything. My point is justified.

I havnt gotten along with all of you, and for that I apologize. Ive spent my life sharpening my tongue having to deal with fans of other teams when my teams sucked for so long. I did not expect to find myself going up against the same thing with fellow Bucs fans. 

If for anything, I hope everyone understands that I always had the Blogs best interest at heart. But I find absolutely no joy in doing anything on this site anymore.

And so off to Bucstop.com I go, and hope you will visit, take in some of the videos, read a story or two, check out other content, in between coming here for your hilarious antics from BucsFanDave. 

Im very fulfilled knowing I was able to reach some of you devoted fans who like me have cherished the Bucs for many years and look forward to every game, every season. 

As this text was edited, Ive ensured myself the ability to keep it up for the weekend, for anyone who DOES want to know where I went, can follow me there.

Niko Houllis


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