BUCSHOTS: March 18th- Morris has plans for Jones, Moore Orange Videos, new "Kick Off or Receive" strategy & More

Dave Moore was an H-back, Moore-Back, Full Back, Long Snapper and Tight End! Anyone know what position he played during the Bucs Superbowl Season?

Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times reports on how Coach Morris has plans for his new toy in the secondary....
If the Bucs didn't respect their former players numbers, we'd find out about it now! Because I bet #47 would be on Jones' back in no time the way it sounds! That was the nice thing about Lynch, he commanded respect two ways. 1) A QB knew if he threw that ball, it might end up in the arms of the multi-probowl safety. 2) WR would tread carefully in Lynch territory for fear of going back to the huddle like a cartoon character from Looney Toons. A couple good hits from Jones and everyone will know to tread carefully, "thar be head-hunters lurkin'"

How about some Moore Orange Video, pardon the pun! 

On top of being so versatile, Moore had some great hands for a tight end. And his color commentary isnt that  bad side by side with  Gene's!

Speaking of More, here are some- as in thoughts from the Head Coach; Aaron Oberlin of the Tampa Tribune tells us how how Mr. Morris is becoming entranced by Gator DB Joe Haden.

Could Aqib Talib be paired up with a 4.39 speedster who wowed em at the Gator Pro day too? Is #3 too high for Haden? Is he the best player left after Suh and McCoy?

AP story on Overtime rule changes to be talked about at this months owners meetings.

We talked about this a few weeks ago. The proverbial straw was obviously the NFC Championship game in which the Brett Favre led Viking's offense never got off the bench. Seems fair to give the other team at least a shot. You can't use the college system entirely because you cant have 4 more touchdowns counted on a QB stats when your getting the ball 4 times at the 25 yard line. Finally, if your going to do it in the playoffs, why not do it during the regular season? Probably because the playoffs cannot end in a tie. I just answered my own question. Sure sign of insanity. At least I'm not talking to my.....

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