Suh or Mccoy and then what ?

Well,  Mel Kiper and Todd Mcshay have Bradford going  number 1 in this year  draft ,  everyone seems to respect their opinion mainly  cause their always right . After Bradford's  pro day and after he took his IQ test everyone says he will go number 1 .  That means Tampa will get Suh or Mccoy which is what everyone wants in Buc nation so thats not really  surprising . The surprise will be what the Bucs do in the second round. The Bucs have 2 picks in the 2nd round many will say go wideout . Hearing Mark Dominick on the Bucs web site,  the most important thing in this draft for the Bucs is to improve the D and put weapons around Josh Freeman . With Tampa trading for Reggie Brown it should tell you this; either the Bucs are not drafting a wideout high or they will draft a wideout high and are creating competition at the wideout position the same way  they did with the quarterback position last year bringing in Byron Leftwich and knew they were going to draft Josh Freeman .

With that being said here are some names you might hear for Tampa in the second round:

  • Eric Norwood a fierce Pass rusher from South Carolina- he broke a few records and is great value in the second round .
  • I think all Buc fans would love to see Golden Tate in a Buc uniform he is not in  the first round of any expert's mock draft .
  • Myron Rolle or Taylor Mays if available in the second round , both are great value picks that can help us out right away don't worry Sabby there is nothing wrong going to the Pro Bowl as a special teamer .
  • Everyone  talks about this DE from USF Pierre-Paul  who only started 7 games but has a lot of upside if he's on the board in the 2nd that would be nice but what about the guy who started in front of him , which brings me to the steal of the 2010 draft.
  • George Selvie-Nobody ,coach, analyst, draft expert has covered this guy, and thats why he is a steal   . I know most Buc fans should know about this guy as he played his home games at Raymond James Stadium . He terrorized quarterbacks with a non stop motor but the knock on this guy is that he seen his sack total drop since his 14.5 in 07. However, when teams focus on 1 player his sack total will drop look at Sapp .  The realistic knock against him his that if he cant hold the point with the rotation we use he wont have to , but Buc fans let me tell you that he is money as a situational pass rusher and he will make an impact in this league .
  • Arrelious Benn WR Illinois , Damian Williams WR USC , Ricky Sapp DE Clemson , &  Kim Chancellor S Virginia Tech are some other names you might hear for the Bucs . 
Realistically who would you like to see the Bucs take in the second round 

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