Random Rumblings - Mid March Edition

Thanks to the slow free agency period, the quiet time before the Rays start up and just a week away from March Madness, today seemed like a perfect day to throw out some random thoughts.  I have no illusions that this is either original or terribly interesting, but thought it might be a way to get a dialogue for our members going on both football and non-football related sports issues.

The format isn't pretty, but it's just a blasting of questions and observations at this point.  I promise over time I'll come up with a better format.  But as far as format goes, I'll post a few questions, links and topics of conversation and leave it to the community at large to chime in.

1) If you had your choice between Suh/McCoy and Sean Jones or Eric Berry with Odrick, which would you take?

2) With players like Lito Sheppard, Fred Smoot and Philip Buchanon out there, is it time for the Bucs to make a play for another cornerback, or should we roll the dice with Mack, Biggers and Robison?

3) What are your predictions on AB's stats with the Bengals?  Was $28MM over 4 years market value for AB or did they overpay him?

4) If you had to guess at our starting wide receivers for 2010 right now, who would be #1-5?  For rookies/draftees, you can just say "rookie"

5) Do you think a salary cap will ever be in play again and if so, when?

6) What is the latest round of draft picks you expect to make a contribution to a team within the first 2-3 years?

7) March Madness, if you had to pick a team to take it all right now, who would it be?

8) A lot of people have speculated that teams (not the Bucs necessarily) should consider shelling out their draft picks for proven restricted free agents.  Their take is that when you draft a WR or OL with a first rounder, you have about a 50/50 shot of hitting on that pick.  If you give up your 1st rounder for Jared Gaither or Brandon Marshall you are acquiring a proven player with that pick.  The downside is you lose a few years by taking a 26ish year old player versus a 22 year old rookie.  What do you think, does this sound like a smart strategy for teams that have a need at certain positions?

9) Are these interesting/entertaining enough to keep doing or should I end this while I'm still ahead?

Looking forward to the discussion. 

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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