Witty's Crazy Mid-February Bucs Draft Mockery

Yeah, I go a little crazy about this time of year (being a Bucs fan from 1979 on, the Draft months were the only GOOD times to be a Bucs fan for oh so many years).  This year again is no exception, especially as the Bucs are starting off strong with 4 early picks in the first three draft rounds.

So who do I have the Bucs taking at the Third Overall Draft Spot (First Round - 3rd)?

1ST - 3rd Overall: OT Russell Okung (Oklahoma St)

Would you believe I think the Bucs' biggest need - outside of DT - is offense?  Especially with the offensive line.  For one thing, I am not enamored of Trueblood (mostly because of penalties and bad on-field habits).  I'm also not sure if the two starters we have now are any good and that our back-ups aren't ready to step up next year.  Here's the thing: Freeman is the franchise QB now.  I accept that (I didn't like the pick for him last year, I know, but we are stuck with this now for better and for worse, so I live with it), and so I accept that in any situation with a young QB still learning the pro game you NEED to give him the best possible offensive line to cover his ass.  That means getting BEST AVAILABLE OT.  As teams don't give those away (when was the last time a franchise-quality OT was let go in FA?), you have to draft them.  If Okung is the best OT in the draft, and if the first two teams - Rams and Lions - take the best two DTs off the board, you might as well get the best OT and work from there.

2ND - 35th Overall: DT Jared Odrick (Penn St)

A DT that scouts have listed as a late First Rounder, meaning that a board shake-up can ensure he'll slide in the early Second Round without any problems.  Is supposed to be fast and powerful.  Let's hope so.

42/44th Overall (subject to Coin Flip): WR Jeremy Williams (Tulane)

Tall receiver, decent speed, had good numbers his senior year.  Will wait for a more detailed scouting report when I find one to see if this is a good idea/bad idea.

3RD - 67th Overall: S Major Wright (Florida)

Middle-sized player, some decent college numbers.  While it's a little late in the draft to fix the major problem (Sabby) we got in the Bucs secondary (It's called TACKLING PISCATELLI!) let's note that Tanard Jackson was a 4th Rounder and he's done okay.  Big question: can Wright tackle/hit properly?  Will need more detailed scouting reports to be sure.

4TH - (waiting for comp order): CB Chris Hawkins (LSU)

Corner depth a serious concern, as is finding a replacement for Ronde Barber if/when he retires/gets kicked out the door.  As with the other mid- to late-round choices, I really need a good scouting report on this guy.

5TH - (waiting for comp order): FB Jack Corcoran (Rutgers)

FB needed at some point in the draft.

6TH - (waiting for comp order): OG Casey Bender (South Dakota St)

Welcome to Florida, Bender!  See that skyline?  It's called lack of snow!  Enjoy! :)

7TH - (waiting for comp order): C Eric Cook (New Mexico)

Offensive line, as I said earlier, is always a good place to try improvements.  Especially with depth and development needs.

7TH - (another pick via trade): WR Anybody from Anywhere (Ya)

Let's observe that from the 5th Round downward, we're looking at Practice Squad fodder.  Last overall draft pick especially.  So... who cares?  I'll pick a name out of a hat once we get the draft board solidified post-Compensatory.

And there you have it.  My MASTERPIECE!  So, Bucs owners... any chance you can hire me for the Draft War Room? :)

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