2 observations of the past & the future...

1)2nd quarter, against a top 5 team on the road...Josh Freeman drops back, (again)sees no one open, & runs towards the endzone...@ 5 yards, knowing he's achieved the 1st down & facing two tacklers, he slides. Um. What?!? You're 6-6, 248 lbs, & the world is against you SLIDE?!? I *love* Josh Freeman, but I really, really wonder now, & I hope to god it's pointed out in film study this week. I'm not saying he's not tough, or smart, or anything---it was just damn curious, & I hope he learns from it.

Yes, btw, we only scored a field goal on that drive.

2)The big debate 3 years ago was---"Do the Bucs trade the no. 4 pick, plus the 2 second rounders for Calvin Johnson @ no. 2?" It seemed Mr. Gruden was enamoured with Megatron, but alas, Bruce Allen overruled it, thinking 3 good players is better than one great player. Sound reasoning.

Problem is, Gaines Adams, Arron Sears, & Sabby Piscetelli all proved to NOT really be football players, but great athletes who happened to play football. When you jump from college to pros, to me that's the key distinction to make as a personnel evaluator---Do these guys almost *enjoy* the punishment & the insane competition on the field---in college, you can skate through...not so in the pros.

Gaines was a super nice guy who was simply a great athlete, & I had my worries. Sears seemed to be a good pick, but I wonder about guys moving from tackle to guard(just like Davin Joseph, who *still* is just "good", not great, imo)---tackle is dancing, finesse, athleticism---guard is brute force, a grunt mentality.

& Sabby Piscetelli? Not to be so "poetic" about it---but did anyone, other than Bruce Allen, think a "Sabby Piscetelli" was going to a be a star? See, now John Lynch or Warren Sapp had a chance---those are superstar names   ;o)

But 'ol Sabs was a super athlete masquerading as a football player. & a real personnel chief would know the difference.

Thank you Mark Dominik...

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