Bucs Sunday Links and Stories

Raheem Morris talks to his QB about the stories around the web

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers - San Francisco 49ers game doesn't start until 4:05 PM, and I bet you'll need some literature to get you through the gruelling hours of anticipation. Have no fear, Bucs Nation is here! Collecting all the best internet stories for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

As you may have heard, Earnest Graham's mother tragically passed away a few weeks ago as she lost the battle to cancer. This was obviously a huge blow for Earnest, and the local newspapers have written a couple of articles about her life and death. 

Another sad note: Arron Sears was arrested in Tampa the past week. Martin Fennelly explains the story and how it impacts the Bucs themselves at TBO.com.

A few notes on the highly controversial owners of the Bucs and their management of Manchester United. The Glazers will repay the Payment-In-Kind loans they took out to buy Manchester United. These loans were the most controversial as they carried the highest interest rate and had to be repaid before any other loans could be repaid. Of course, 'repaid' could just as easily mean 'refinanced' and it's unclear where the Glazers got the funds to pay off these loans, except that they haven't extracted any money from Man U to do so. The Guardian wrote an article exploring all the possible consequences of this repayment. That's definitely worth a read if you're interested in the Glazers' financial situation in any way. 

On to the Bucs themselves. The National Football Post's Brad Biggs examines the Bucs offense and Greg Olson's impact on it. And Holder does the same for the St. Petersburg Times as he looks at the installation of the Wildcat in Tampa Bay with Josh Johnson. Having seen the offense, we move over to the defensive side of the ball where Roy Cummings offers a defense of Barrett Ruud for the Tampa Tribune. And Raheem Morris defends the game-ending hit Aqib Talib put on Jimmy Clausen, which was ultimately not fined by the league. 

One story which couldn't have escaped your attention was Mike Williams' DUI arrest. Despite the arrest, Mike Williams will start and Mark Dominik explains. Among other things he says "We're not going to sit a player for speeding".

And then there's the inimitable Steve White and  his weekly Buccaneers analysis. He was busy again this week, analyzing the Bucs' D-line against the Panthers, offering some thoughts on the whole team in that same competition, combating the idea that the Bucs D-line is lacking talent and finally scouting the 49ers for this evening's game. As I've said several times before, these articles are must-reads. Steve White offers the most in-depth Bucs analysis I've seen. 

Last but not least, a couple of videos about the Bucs. NFL Network's Playbook analyzes the Bucs-49ers game, with some special attention paid to Legarrette Blount. NFL.com then previews the game itself as well. Pat Kirwan for CBSSports.com does the same thing, as do Mark Schlereth and Tedy Bruschi for ESPN. and ESPN's Countdown Daily looks at the NFC South as a whole, including the Bucs of course.

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