Offseason - 2010 Things To Do List

As I'm a mere fan with a website and nothing to lose, what I post here means little, nothing, nada.  But I'm absolutely right about everything, Mr. and Mr. Glazers, so LISTEN UP!


I have here a list of To-Do things that will go a long way towards making the Tampa Bay Bucs a viable, entertaining, and improved football team for the fall of 2010.

1) Lower ticket prices in select seating areas for Home Games.  Let's admit it guys, it cost you a pretty penny to buy up all those extra tickets just so you would avoid the embarrassment of blacked-out home games.  Instead of wasting your money on empty seats, fill said seats by lowering ticket prices by 10 to 15 percent in key areas: the end zones, and perhaps certain sections of the 200s.  Every other seating area can remain the same.  You may take a slight hit on what those tickets could have earned, but you'll have other people spending that money, not yourselves.  Also by lowering the ticket prices, it goes a long way to improve relations with the fans.  Nothing helps boost an image for a business like making products and services more affordable.

2) Pedestrian bridge across the Dale Mabry intersection down towards the community college.  There's a bridge up the road at the Yankees stadium, so why not there?  Half the parking is over on that side of Dale Mabry, putting a bridge there helps with flow of traffic (both cars and people).  That would also create extra room over Dale Mabry for signage and ad space. :-)

3) Work this upcoming Free Agency period for all it's worth.  Quality DTs and OTs might be out of the question, but solid WRs are a must if Freeman is going to improve as a QB next year.

4) Ring of Honor celebrations: First home preseason game, Ring of Honor for John McKay.  First home regular game, Ring of Honor for Hardy Nickerson.  Throwback jersey home game, Ring of Honor for Derrick Brooks AND Mike Alstott.  And make sure they speel Mike's name right this time. :-)

5) Get the Air Force to fly in a few Harriers, have them land at midfield for pregame ceremonies... (watches as the jet exhausts burn craters into the unfrozen tundra of Raymond James)  Okay, maybe the parking lot instead.

6) Prepare for the NFL Rookie Draft by hiring my unemployed -ss as a War Room guru, so I can be there to make sure we don't waste any draft picks this year (lessee... Suh... WR... OT... WR... WR... another WR... maybe a Safety... WR... WR...)

7) Okay, seriously, we may not have a clear shot at Suh... but DT McCoy is apparently a good selection as well, and there's this buzz about DE Morgan out of... Georgia Tech?  But after that, the Bucs seriously need to upgrade at these positions by order of desperation: OT, WR, CB, and S.


So there you have it.  My suggestions.  If you need me to send over a resume for the War Room Guru job opening, Mr. and Mr. Glazer, please let me know.  I work cheap... about $70,000 per annum plus benefits... :-)

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