Moving Forward

Hello everybody, I'm 18 years old and have been a Bucs fan since I was 4 years old. Here's my opinion of how this team should look at the upcoming season.

Coach: I know a lot has been made of the big name coaches available, but I think Raheem is our guy. Yes, it has been very crazy with many low points, but things have started to look up since we went back to the Tampa Two. Another reason I am opposed to hire a guy like Cowher is that there is no guarantee  he brings success.  He is a solid coach no doubt, but it took him many years to even reach his first super bowl. I believe much of Pitt's success during his tenure was due to his D which, excluding this year, has not missed a beat under Tomlin. I say stick with Raheem, Olsen, and stick with the Tampa Two.

Draft: I'm stoked we got the 3rd pick (Thank you Jamaal Charles and KC!). Obviously, if by a blessing from Warren Sapp, Suh falls to us then we should no doubt pick him within the first 10 seconds of being on the clock. Now if Suh is off the board then I think we should jump at Eric Berry. He plays under Monte Kiffin and a Tampa Two style defense, he is a straight ball hawk, and has been declared as the rebirth of Ed Reed. I'm not in love with McCoy as I think he is not the game changer that Berry is. I know many will say that DT is our biggest need and I am not disagreeing with that. I just feel that with a top 3 pick we need to take the best available player. You see teams screw up high picks all the time when they try to get cute and pick players way too high. If we are going to invest top 3 money with a guy, I feel our best bet is Eric Berry.

In the Second Rd, I think we then go DT with our 3rd pick and LB with our Chicago pick.

As for the rest of our off season:

                       1. Add another Defensive Piece (Peppers, Vanden Bosch, Johnny Jolly, or Vince Wilfork)

                       2. Address WR position (Resign Bryant, Marshall :] , Boldin, Steve Breasten, Mark Bradley)

                       3. Draft a decent punter....please

                       4. Patience, Patience, Patience

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