How would a strike affect your view of the NFL?

The last few weeks, we've been hearing more and more about a potential strike that would occur during the 2011 NFL season.  We've heard it on PFT, on ESPN, on Buc 'Em.  We've heard it mentioned as part of the CBA process.  We've been told it would be owners locking out the players, we've heard players would be on strike.  I could go on for a few more sentences, but lets just say we've heard a lot for something a year and a half away.

But as we hear this news, it starts to set in that while this year was (apparently) the last capped year of the NFL, that 2010 will be the last year of the NFL in it's current state.  2011 seems to be a strike year, for at least  part of the year if you believe everything you hear.

Chris Mortensen seems to think that it will be an upset if there isn't a strike in 2011, though he notes, that it would be a lockout on the owner's part, not a strike,

There will not be a strike by the players in 2011. There could be a lockout by the owners. However, I'd say more of a three or four month lockout during the off-season that the NFL actually losing games...though who knows?

I, for one, am hoping this all gets resolved soon.  I'm hoping that a new CBA gets drawn up before the offseason begins so we don't have all these backwards and arbitrary new processes in place for free agents.  That may be a pipe dream, but surely settling the other issues by 2011 can be done, right? 

Odds are that most negotiations will take place at the 11th hour, as they always do when two groups (Brighthouse and anyone) are at odds.  There's more incentive to get a deal done and the reality of lost wages, income, and exposure begins to set in.  As a youngster, I was enthralled by baseball, I could never get enough, until the strike occurred.  I was pushed way for a few years because as a kid, I couldn't understand how players and teams, who make hundreds of thousands of dollars (understated) could just shut down for a period of time.  It baffled me.  As an adult, looking at this potential strike, it's hitting home the same way, just sheer bewilderment on my part.

The bigger question is this, and I'll pose it to our readers.  How would a strike (or lockout) affect you as an NFL/Bucs fan?  Would you give up on the NFL?  Would you watch replacement players?  Does it matter to you whether it's a strike or lockout?   How long would you expect it to last (a few weeks, months or the whole year)?

Be sure to sound off in the comments section.

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